Warren Spector Offers System Shock 3 Development Update

Warren Spector System Shock 3

Fans of the iconic System Shock series were treated to a first look at new concept art for the game today, as both publisher Starbreeze Studios and the game's veteran designer, Warren Spector, brought an update regarding the title's development. System Shock 3 is a direct followup to 1999's System Shock 2, a game which garnered critical acclaim and helped define the survival horror and action RPG genres. With Otherside Entertainment now at the helm of the game's development, there are some big shoes to fill if the game is to deliver – but Spector isn't worried.

Warren Spector is the man who produced the original System Shock, and he's intimately familiar with the second. While he wasn't able to delve into specifics for  the upcoming third entrant to the series, he did say that returning to a series he had worked on some two decades earlier was an easy decision for him – and that the fight with the nefarious AI SHODAN wasn't over yet.

I produced System Shock and played System Shock 2, so I’m pretty familiar with the universe, and there were some fictional loose ends to explore and tie up. That sounded like fun. Also, SHODAN. You know what I mean?

System Shock 3 Concept Art

The new concept art released by Starbreeze Studios helps set the tone for the game's cyber punk environment, where players will spend most of their time alone on a spaceship. Of course, when the original game came out in 1994, the market wasn't remotely saturated in these kinds of games, but with titles like Dead Space and Prey both capitalizing on the now-familiar concept and featuring inspirations directly from System Shock, it's harder to stand out in the modern era. Despite this, however, Spector isn't worried about standing out from the crowd:

I think having more immersive simulation games out there is all to the good. Based on what I’ve seen of Prey so far, there are some similarities but I assure you we’re doing stuff that team didn’t do, just as they did stuff we’re not. I’m not worried about people getting confused.

Gamers who never had a chance to play Spector's original System Shock will be able to play a remastered edition from Night Dive Studios in 2018, where they will be introduced to a grim world and the horrifying AI SHODAN, the infamous protagonist of the series. Players will be picking up the fight against her in System Shock 3, a showdown that has been about 18 years in the making. Given that Otherside Entertainment still hasn't transitioned into pre-production soon, the fight is still likely at least a few years away.

Are you excited for System Shock 3 to build upon what the first two titles delivered, Ranters?

System Shock 3 will release for PC and consoles, but currently has no release date.

Source: Polygon

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