New 'Syndicate' Trailer Shows off Co-op

Syndicate Co-op Trailer

The pairing of awesome music with awesome gameplay footage continues for Starbreeze Studios' Syndicate. Many of you probably remember the Skrillex-scored announcement trailer for the game. Today, Electronic Arts has dropped another Syndicate trailer, this time focusing on the title's co-operative gameplay mode (for anyone wondering, the music in the new trailer is a remix version of the Syndicate theme). Elements shown in today's trailer include close combat kills, armored enemies, and more of that gun that has homing bullets.

The new Syndicate trailer features an electrical gun that is reminiscent of Quake 3's lighting gun, in addition to showing off what appears to be a version of the game's detective mode. It's probably not  far fetched to assume that Syndicate's co-op gameplay will be objective based. Judging by the buzzwords flashed in the trailer, possible missions will likely include infiltrating a rival company, stealing an item of importance, or perhaps some combination of the above.

We understand that the job market is scarce these days, but this trailer underscores the fact that there is no future as a Eurocorp security commando. Take a look at the trailer embedded below, and here's hoping that the game plays as good as it looks.



Of course, this trailer will do nothing to sway those players out there who were hoping Syndicate would go back to its isometric, real-time strategy origins. Still, with The Darkness 2 handed off to Digital Extremes, we're curious to see what Starbreeze Studios can pull off with Syndicate, especially after their wildly successful work on The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.

What do you think of Syndicate's co-op gameplay? Can you imagine playing through the game with a friend, or does this new take on Syndicate strike you as more of a solo affair? Let us know in the comments below.

Syndicate will begin its hostile takeover of the sales charts February 21, 2012, for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.


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