Rumors of a Syndicate remake have been flying since trademarks for the game showed up back in 2010. Now that the game has officially been unveiled, EA and Starbreeze have released the first trailer for the RTS-turned-shooter title.

In a way, the Syndicate trailer may remind one of Edios Montreal’s recently released Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Syndicate centers around mechanically enhanced humans, specifically, the majority of people in the world who have a chip inside their brain that allows corporations to control them.

While most people are devoid of any free will in Syndicate, main character Miles Kilo still has most of his humanity, though he too has a chip inside his head. Miles is able to take control of other characters by hacking into the chip inside their heads, and as one can see in the trailer is able to make enemies shoot each other, or even themselves.

Syndicate may have only been announced a couple of days ago, but the game already looks very polished. Gameplay looks smooth and the graphics are top notch. See for yourself in the trailer below:


Starbreeze also announced that the Skrillex track featured in the Syndicate trailer can be downloaded for free through the Syndicate Facebook page. All players have to do is like the page and they will be taken to a download portal for the song.

Of course, while Syndicate looks great as a shooter, the trailer may be a disappointment to fans who were hoping for a game that harkened back to the roots of the original title. While it is unfortunate that the game won’t be what some people hoped, Syndicate still looks like it could be a competent shooter and one of the better titles to release early next year.

What do you think of the Syndicate reboot?

Syndicate will release on February 21st 2012, for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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