'Syndicate' Deep-Dive: Origins Trailer Gets Us Up to Speed

Syndicate Origin Trailer

The original Syndicate game was first imagined by Peter Molyneux when he was at Bullfrog Productions back in 1993. Players took the role of CEO for Eurocorp and dispatched four agents to steal technologies from rival syndicate corporations.

The original introduced tactical shooting in a cyberpunk setting and was very popular in its time. Starbreeze Studios has taken the helm of developing a brand new game in the series that serves to reboot the franchise and re-imagine it as a first person shooter. To help players catch up, a convenient trailer that talks about the origins of the game has been released for your enjoyment.

Syndicate will be bringing back Starbreeze Studios to the public eye after a three year hiatus, their last game entries being the Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and remake of Escape From Butcher Bay. The studio's talent for creating immersive worlds will be put to the test in Syndicate, where a culture is ruled by corporations and future technologies saturate everything. Want to see the game in action? A gameplay walkthrough, entitled "Executive Search" has also been made available, and the game does look impressive so far.

Rebooting a franchise like Syndicate, which has been out of the public eye since 1996, when Syndicate Wars came out, might seem like a strange move. However, given the popularity of the original when it first released, a new game couldn't have arrived sooner. Starbreeze Studios has gone so far to say that the game has been the biggest one they have worked on, so it would be a safe bet that they will do everything they can to ensure the title will be a great ride.

Take a look below to catch up on the Syndicate story before the reboot arrives:


Given the original trademarks made by Electronic Arts for the Syndicate brand name took place back in 2010, Starbreeze has probably been working on the title for a little under two years. It's certainly enough time to provide a strong single player offering and what could be an intriguing 4-player cooperative game mode - which sounds like a nod to the original game.

As the launch date edges forward to February 2012, Starbreeze and EA will undoubtedly be releasing more videos and information on what the game will encompass.

Syndicate releases February 21, 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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