In the world of Syndicate, business is war. The latest incarnation, developed by Starbreeze Studios (The Darkness, Chronicles of Riddick) has seen a pretty dramatic change from its origins as a thinking man’s game. Now Syndicate is a first person shooter. Obviously, people enjoy first person shooters, they enjoy futurism/cyberpunk settings, and The Darkness wasn’t anything to shake your nose at. Today, you’ll get to see extensive footage of the new Syndicate game in action.

There are a few things in the new trailer to look out for, starting with the incredibly interesting-looking HUD. There are some comparisons to make with the Crysis 2 HUD, like how the hood bobs and moves as you walk, but instead of being a suit display, it comes from an implanted chip in your brain.

We find out the name of the protagonist: Miles Kilo, who works for a business syndicate. The trailer also reveals the nifty things that can be accomplished with our fancy brain chip technology. Watch the video below and take a look for yourself. Afterword, you might find the trailer has evoked memories of other popular future sci-fi properties like Ghost in the Shell and even Shadowrun.


Looks like Syndicate might have one of the more gruesome ways to harvest resources and level up, but at least it’s not as morally apprehensive as in Bioshock. It’s interesting to see the hacking aspects of the game integrated into the HUD without having to cut away from the action. The “bullet time” feature integrated with the chip set in your head also adds a nice layer of flavor to the gameplay without feeling too gamey. Although, players may not be fans of the first person leaning cover system.

Too bad that Peter Molyneux, who worked on the original game, might not be tapped for assistance this time around, even though he expressed his desire to be involved with any Syndicate remake. Nostalgia aside, it’s good to see a playable build of the new game that looks so good, as opposed to the Skrillex-scored first trailer. Syndicate looks truly impressive at this juncture, and might end up catching people off guard when it comes out early next year.

Syndicate releases February 21, 2012, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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