The Switch's Drifting Joy-Cons Trigger Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

nintendo switch joy con class action lawsuit

The Switch has been met with open arms since its announcement, impressing gamers at its versatility, portability, and enjoyable games. Unfortunately, the experience is often marred for players who end up going through the dreaded Joy-Con controller drift, wherein the Joy-Con perceives that the thumbstick is being moved when it isn't.  After numerous complaints from members of the gaming community, one law firm is now picking up the baton.

Following recent reports highlighting how many people are experiencing this issue with their Switches, the law firm Chimicles, Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith is investigating whether or not a class action lawsuit against Nintendo is viable. A class action lawsuit would gather up everyone who has problems with their Joy-Cons into one large lawsuit, and each individual involved could potentially see a settlement if the case is decided in their favor.

This isn't the first set of problems that the Switch has had, but it seems to be the most prevalent at this time. A few gamers with electronics experience have opened up the Switch to find that sometimes, the issue is caused by dust and debris that's somehow getting into the controller unit and causing problems. However, some have also stated that the components inside the Switch itself are known to be flawed, and can't be permanently fixed without replacing some internal components.

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Surprisingly, Nintendo hasn't offered much of a response regarding this issue just yet. The company has been good about replacing or repairing the broken Joy-Cons that are returned, but of course, doing so costs the user money. With the controllers starting at about $70, it's understandable that gamers are not happy about this. The upcoming Joy-Cons may still be plagued by the same problems, too, but other controllers of the same price point from Sony and Microsoft aren't experiencing similar problems.

Time will tell if there's enough evidence to proceed with a class action lawsuit. For now, the law firm is openly asking Nintendo Switch users to share their experiences of their Joy-Con drift problems with the firm. The firm should receive quite a few responses if the Nintendo Switch community's frequent outcries over Joy-Cons drifting on social media are any indication.

Source: Chimicles, Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith (via The Gamer)

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