Most Exciting Nintendo Switch Exclusive Games of 2019

most exciting switch exclusives 2019

Both 2017 and 2018 were strong years for the Nintendo Switch, with the Big N's handheld/home console hybrid meeting sales expectations and launching some hugely successful games in the process. The Switch has already built up an impressive library of exclusives over its short lifespan, and it's looking to add even more high quality exclusives games in 2019.

There are quite a few Switch exclusives already announced for release in 2019, but these six stand out as the most exciting in the lineup.

6 Animal Crossing

animal crossing switch tom nook

Very little is known about Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch, beyond the fact that the ever-greedy loan shark Tom Nook is back for the latest installment. However, fans of the franchise don't need a lot of information to get excited, as each Animal Crossing so far has provided a relatively similar, addicting experience that makes it hard to put down. Players will undoubtedly be paying off a hefty loan from Nook, upgrading their homes, interacting with villagers, and decorating their houses as they have in past games, but we'll have to wait to learn more about any new features the Switch version will introduce.

5 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

fire emblem three houses army

First announced at E3 2018, Fire Emblem: Three Houses looks to bring the tactical role-playing and turn-based strategy the series is famous for to the Nintendo Switch. Following in the footsteps of the popular 3DS Fire Emblem games, Three Houses is poised to be one of the franchise's most ambitious entries yet, marked by a significant graphical upgrade that should make battles even more intense. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have an impressive track record when it comes to Fire Emblem games, and there's no reason to doubt that Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be yet another great entry in the series.

4 Luigi's Mansion 3

luigi's mansion 3 teaser

Like Animal Crossing, we actually know very little about Luigi's Mansion 3. But also like Animal Crossing, fans don't need to know a whole lot about the game to know what to expect. If its teaser trailer is any indicationLuigi's Mansion 3 will see Luigi once again exploring haunted locales with his specialized vacuum, collecting ghosts and solving puzzles along the way. The first two games in the series were well-received by fans and critics alike, so here's hoping Luigi's Mansion 3 on the Switch can continue the winning streak.

3 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 - The Black Order

marvel ultimate alliance 3 thanos infinity gauntlet

One of the biggest surprises at The Game Awards 2018 was the reveal of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 - The Black Order for the Nintendo Switch. Developed by Team Ninja, Ultimate Alliance 3 will feature Thanos and his supervillain team The Black Order as they clash with a wide variety of Marvel superheroes, ranging from the Avengers to the X-Men. With a huge roster of playable characters at its disposal, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 looks to deliver quality local co-op action that should please fans who have been waiting years for another Ultimate Alliance game.

2 Pokemon

Pokemon RPG Switch 2019 release window

While Pokemon Let's Go offered a more casual offering for Switch owners in 2018, the next Pokemon RPG for the console is set to push the franchise forward. 2019's Pokemon game will be the first main series Pokemon game available on a home console, and as such, there are high expectations for what it will deliver. Nintendo has yet to release any gameplay details or footage of the game, but assuming development is going as scheduled, Pokemon fans should be able to look forward to a proper reveal later this year.

1 Yoshi's Crafted World

Yoshi Switch Released Date Leaked? - Yoshi Switch cardboard house

Yoshi's Crafted World is the only game on this list with a firm release date instead of a general 2019 release window. Due to launch on March 29Yoshi's Crafted World is a successor of sorts to Yoshi's Woolly World, and features classic platforming gameplay mixed with unique visuals and local co-op. As the first big Switch exclusive of 2019, Yoshi's Crafted World has the opportunity to set the tone for what could be a banner year for the console.

For this list, we decided to stick to Switch exclusives that have already been announced for a 2019 release. However, it's possible that other big Switch exclusives will see release this year as well, such as Bayonetta 3. At the end of the dya, Nintendo fans will just have to be sure to tune in to future Nintendo Direct presentations to find out more about all of these exciting upcoming Switch exclusives.

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