Sweet Tooth Blasts His Way Into ModNation Racers

ModNation Racers Sweet Tooth DLC

Following on the heels of the massively popular LittleBigPlanet, Sony's "Play.Create.Share" model was taken a step further with the release of ModNation Racers. Allowing gamers to harness their creativity, it gave them free reign to customize almost every aspect of the game, from the karts, to the racers, to the tracks themselves. Adding to the content already available for customization, gamers are also able to purchase premium content to further increase their creative options.

Now, following the excitement generated by the new Twisted Metal, evidenced by Riley's hands-on with the game at this year's E3, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to see Sony building hype for this 2011 release in one of their biggest current games. This week, you'll be able to purchase Sweet Tooth and his Ice Cream Kart for play in ModNation Racers for only $1.99 USD. But really, can you put a price on true evil? Especially when said evil is in the form of a clown with a flaming scalp, driving an ice cream truck? I thought so.

While some games anger me when it comes to DLC, seemingly providing content that should have been in the game in the first place, I'm glad to see that some companies are doing it right. DLC should add to an already complete game. It's not fair to the consumer to have to pay extra money for content that was cut from the game before release in order to sell later for an easy buck. It may just be me, but when I don't have the feeling that the developer is attempting to shove the content down my throat, I actually end up spending more on said game. It's these companies that I feel like supporting. The companies that actually care about providing an enjoyable experience without letting greed cloud their vision.

How do you feel about the current DLC for ModNation Racers? Do you think you'll be picking up Sweet Tooth when it launches later this week?

Source: Kotaku

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