It seems like these days Sony just can’t catch a break. Hot on the heels of their path to redemption the company suffered another devastating and ultimately more costly intrusion, this time on the SOE side of the things.

Currently in the midst of a terrible crisis, the last thing that Sony wants to think about is the amount of customers the company has lost as a result of this malicious intrusion. While many are waiting the experience out, to at least see the type of olive branch the company is considering offering, a recent survey has indicated that 1-in-5 PS3 owners are considering selling their console and switching to the Xbox 360.

Conducted by CouponCodes4U, the survey does have a few flaws worth mentioning most of which can be attributed to the small sample size of the questionnaire. While 2,132 people were surveyed, of that number only 41% reported owning a PS3. So the sample size, while illuminating, pales in comparison to the amount of PS3 owners that actually exist.

Still, regardless of the sample size, the findings are a bit shocking, especially the fact that 21% of those surveyed, essentially half of the 41% who claimed to own a PS3, are considering switching consoles. If this small survey is an accurate slice of the gaming populous, that could mean some serious damage to Sony’s financials in 2011.

However, like was mentioned earlier, Sony is well on the path to healing, at least as far as the PSN hack is concerned. With the service reported to be coming back online some time this week, and with goodies to help ease the blow, Sony isn’t above trying to demonstrate how much they value their online customers.

Though many do not pay for the online service, the potential of having your credit card stolen and needing a replacement, is cause enough to provide compensation to everyone. Luckily, Sony is doing their best to make a very tough situation — both for the company and for its consumers — that much easier.

Will some PS3 owners switch to the Xbox 360 and it’s pay Xbox Live service? Probably. But that doesn’t mean that the change of heart will occur in the large percentage of numbers that the survey suggests it will.

In light of the recent hack on the PSN, have you considered switching from the PS3 to the Xbox 360? Has Sony’s compensation convinced you to stick with the company despite some serious missteps?

Source: Escapist Magazine

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