Surgeon Simulator Expansion Allows Users to Operate on Donald Trump

Surgeon Simulator Donald Trump

Bossa Studios reveals a Donald Trump expansion for Surgeon Simulator, which lets gamers operate on the Republican nominee himself. Brace yourselves for thousands of YouTube Lets Play videos!

It's time to make surgery great again, according to Bossa Studios. The creators of Surgeon Simulator are cashing in on the Presidential election hype train by adding Donald Trump to Surgeon Simulator, a move which certainly has the potential to make our list of top Presidential appearances in video games, even if he is just a nominee right now.

Players will be tasked with saving the Republican frontrunner in otherwise traditional Surgeon Simulator gameplay, with the new content mostly being cosmetic. Featuring the trademark haircut, a US flag pillow, and even a news ticker that is sure to have plenty of scrolling jokes, this is certainly one of the strangest expansion packs of 2016, and seems oddly befitting for a game that defies all expectations.

This is the second time Donald Trump's motto has been mocked by a video game recently, with the equally silly Goat Simulator adopting the mantra for space travel last week. We doubt that Trump himself or his media team will comment on his inclusion in Surgeon Simulator, as their business expertise seems to falter with the video game industry - as evident when his official Twitter account retweeted a Mass Effect parody video by mistake.

Surgeon Simulator Gameplay

While Presidential appearances in videogames have been done before, the Surgeon Simulator expansion is unique in the fact that it allows Trump to die, or even worse, many gamers may actually botch the surgery in horrific fashion just because they can. A small video released by Bossa Studios shows the surgeon using a shushing finger to indicate Trump should be quieter, so we have a feeling we know where the developers stand on the political spectrum.

The expansion pack is free to all gamers who own the Anniversary edition of the game, which is currently 80% off on Steam. Ringing in at under $3, the novelty game was a cult hit when it released back in 2013, with hilariously unrealistic gameplay and difficult-to-control mechanics. The game became a YouTube sensation, and spawned plenty of poorly-coded imitators, with 'bad-on-purpose' titles becoming an actual part of the industry.

Bossa Studios then later produced I Am Bread, a game where more independent voters can 'Feel The Bern' with the help of a toaster. Those hoping for Clinton or Sanders expansion packs for Surgeon Simulator will likely be disappointed, though - it looks like Trump has taken this race.

What do you think about Donald Trump being featured as a joke expansion, Ranters?

Surgeon Simulator is currently available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Source: Surgeon Simulator

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