Aspiring pilots use Flight Simulators to learn and prepare for the real act of taking a plane in to the skies. Aspiring professionals in one particular field however, should not be using this hilariously unique simulator to become a master of their respective field.

We’re not talking about Street Cleaning Simulator or Farming Simulator, we’re referring to to Surgeon Simulator 2013. This rather unusual “simulator” found its origins at the 48-hour Global Game Jam in January and thanks to positive reception and the hilarious gameplay videos that spawned from the community, it found a home on Steam Greenlight and was voted through.

A new trailer for the game – which releases tomorrow – hit online today and as its description states, it’s hilarious and over-the-top, but not intentionally. It’s near impossible to get a good handle on the controls and what results, is usually unexpected funny.

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a darkly humourous over-the-top operation sim game where players become Nigel Burke, a would-be surgeon taking like into his own shaky hands, performing life-saving maneuvers on passive patients.

The full Steam version comes with additional features, operations and environments. From carrying our terrifying transplants in theater – to surgical procedures in the back of an ambulance – Surgeon Simulator 2013 takes operating to the next level!

Surgeon Simulator Key Features:

  • New full game based on the internet sensation 48hr prototype
  • Brand new features including the fiendishly difficult ambulance mode
  • More operations including double kidney transplant and brain transplant
  • Tons of Easter eggs to discover
  • New visuals and a pumping new soundtrack

For an example of an actual playthrough, check out YouTube user Tobuscus perform a heart transplant… with a hammer and a radio. It’s super realistic!


Download the freeware version here to test it out.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 releases April 19, 2013 on Steam.

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