Supremacy MMA Trailer

Supremacy MMA Trailer

“Two men enter, one man leaves.” While that is a classic line from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, it is also the rule to the upcoming game, Supremacy MMA. 505 Games and Kung Fu Factory are pulling back the curtain from Pay-Per-View MMA matches to show you the seedy underbelly of one of the most dangerous sports on the planet.

Supremacy MMA pulls no punches in bringing you mixed martial arts in its most violent form. A no-holds barred fight to the finish. After watching this trailer you will never think of MMA in the same way. While main-stream MMA organizations are about money, Supremacy MMA is about pride and survival.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champion, and avid World of Warcraft player, Jens Pulver, has teamed up with Kung Fu Factory to bring you back to the origins of the sports. Matches taking place in dirty alleys, underground fight clubs all the way up to the glits and glamor of an arena.

Here is the Supremacy MMA trailer:


While the game certainly looks good, the most important aspect of this game is going to be controls. If the control scheme doesn’t work, it's going to be very hard to put this game up against the likes of EA MMA and the UFC Undisputed series.

Supremacy MMA Underground Cage Match

The real question for Supremacy MMA is if there is a large enough fanbase to support three MMA gaming franchises. Sadly, this game might be walking into a party that is already over. After sub-par showings in 2010 from EA MMA and UFC Undisputed 2010, the call for a mixed martial arts game may have already passed its prime.

Supremacy MMA is going to have to catch lightning in a jar to be sucessful. While it is going to be a much griter game then its competitors, it might not be enough to grow a fan base, and its extreme violence may even push fans of a violent sport away.

Supremacy MMA comes out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 this summer.

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