Supremacy MMA Preview

If there’s one thing that 505 Games wants to make clear when it comes to Supremacy MMA, it’s that the game is not a simulation. Developed by Kung Fu Factory, it takes a more arcade approach to MMA style combat, and hopes to take away the barrier to entry that is the learning curve of other MMA fighting games.

That isn’t to say that Supremacy MMA is going to completely dumb down the game to just a few buttons. There’s an arsenal of combos and special moves for gamers to pull off covering a wide range of typical MMA styles.

The story mode features 16 fighters, based on lesser known MMA combatants, each with their own unique back story. Depending on their individual stories, you will see yourself in different locations and scenarios during your rise to the top. One of the more interesting elements to the game is how targeting different body parts impacts the fight.

Above each player’s health bar is a display which shows which body parts have been weakened. If you hit the same area multiple times, you can wear it down, weakening your opponent. When you go to knock your opponent out, if your attack hits a weakened area, then you’ll be treated to a brutal hit which will likely make you cringe. The one we saw during our demo was a shot just below the knee which forced the fighter’s leg to bend to side.

Ian Howe, President of 505 Games North America, is optimistic that this will be the definitive MMA experience for gamers in 2011.

“From our first announcement of the game until now, Supremacy MMA has been the only MMA game to deliver true-to-the-sport-brutality and arcade-like speed, and we’re the only MMA game coming out in 2011. We know exactly who we are: M-rated and proud of it.”

As this year’s only MMA offering, Supremacy MMA hopes to convince fans of MMA fighting games that a more arcade-style experience is what they want. It will also be the first MMA title to feature female fighters with the introduction of Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez.

Gamers who pre-order their copy of Supremacy MMA at GameStop will be given access to an additional fighter, Del Rosario, former WBC Heavyweight, and the first American to accomplish that feat. With every one of his fights ending in knockout or submission, he’s the perfect extra fighter for gamers to add to their roster.

Are you looking forward to playing the brutal Supremacy MMA, or is simulation style fighting more your style?

Supremacy MMA will be bringing its arcade-style MMA experience to the Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 20, 2011.

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