Man of Medan Developer Has Eight Games in the Works

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With the success of Until Dawn, it only makes sense for Supermassive Games to create more interactive horror video games. In fact, its next one, Man of Medan, which sees a group of people trapped on a sunken, ghost ship, is due out next month. But this is only the first of what Supermassive plans to be an anthology of titles called The Dark Pictures, and, in a recent interview, the developer confirmed that it has already written out plans for up to seven more titles.

Managing director Pete Samuels explained that the studio aims to release at least two of these games a year. He added that "[they're] still on track for delivering two every 12-month period," which seems to suggest that Supermassive has another title set for release possibly this year (or maybe early 2020), though details on exactly what it will be are completely unknown. Samuels did confirm, however, that this second title is "well into production" and had this to say about the state of other games in the Dark Pictures anthology:

Third one is going to the end of its design phase in writing. And we're shooting that with the cast in two weeks' time to get all that. In the fourth one, I think we have a concept of the movements and design. The fifth one, we're working on, and we have the concept and are about to move into design. But we know what the horror story is also for the sixth, seventh, and eighth.

Marketing head James Scalpello was quick to assuage worries that Supermassive may run out of ideas and reiterated the company's passion for the horror genre:

Remember, we love horror, there's 39 sub-genres, or something like that, of our own that we can choose from, which we subvert and twist. All of the stories have an element of the real world about them as well. So we do have an awful lot of subject matter that we we can sort of pull from with a very broad, very broad brush. So we're lucky enough there.

When it was brought up that Supermassive are essentially committing themselves to an entire console generation with this many games for the anthology, Samuels replied with a simple "Yeah, good." He then added that they will only stop creating games like this when somebody tells them to:

We're confident enough that, as long as we can come up with what we believe are great stories to tell as horror, we're going to keep going.

Hopefully for Supermassive, Man of Medan will be able to make their fans, and potential new players, invested in the Dark Pictures anthology and be forever excited for the next title. One of our own even listed it as one of the best horror titles to be shown at E3 2019.

As for the long-rumored Until Dawn sequel, there's still no official word on whether it's happening or not. Supermassive have currently got its hands full with this multi-platform anthology, but the studio is apparently working on several PlayStation exclusives, meaning there's still a chance for Until Dawn 2 to be a thing.

The Dark PicturesMan of Medan will release on August 30th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: GameInformer

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