Rumor Patrol: New Superman Game from Rocksteady Leaks Details


Several months ago, Rocksteady Studios teased mocap work on a new game, leading many to wonder exactly what kind of project the developer behind the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite Batman Arkham series would put out next. Now, should details coming from a recent 4chan leak be believed, then the company could be in the process of producing an open world title for another famed DC Comics character – that is, the Man of Steel himself, Superman.

According to the anonymous 4chan post, Rocksteady Studios will be developing its new Superman game using Unreal Engine 4, and will provide players with an open world setting of Metropolis that's apparently "about 3 times the size of Arkham Knight", and it will be populated with "a lot more buildings." When it comes to the primary antagonist, the leak suggests that Supes will be doing battle with none other than his frequent adversary and occasional archenemy, Brainiac.


Additional details from the leak point to there being semi-destructible environments in Rocksteady's alleged Superman game, but not on the level of players being capable of totally destroying buildings. As far as the combat system is concerned, the anonymous poster states that flying will be integrated in a similar manner to Dragon Ball Z where Kal-El will be able to "punch someone then zoom towards them and repeat".

Of course, if the 4chan leak is actually real, one of the main concerns will involve how Rocksteady will be able to realistically constrain Superman's abilities so that he's not too overpowered in the game. Supposedly, the developer will make sure the Kryptonian is "nerfed" enough to the levels of his abilities in "TAS", which is presumably a reference to The Adventures of Superman. Furthermore, it looks like players will only be able to assume the role of Superman, as the leak declares that his alter ego Clark Kent won't be playable.

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In reference to continuity, the leak proclaims that Rocksteady's Superman game will be "set within the Arkhamverse" and is supposed to have "tons of Easter eggs to Superman's lore". Story-wise, the unconfirmed project will reputedly use the aforementioned Easter eggs to allude to some "events that took place in the Batman Arkham franchise".

Bearing everything in mind, with the information regarding an assumed Rocksteady Superman game coming from an anonymous 4chan leaker, it's best for fans to take all of the details with a major grain of salt. After all, when a rumor made the rounds linking the character with Rocksteady Studios last year, Game Informer’s executive editor Andrew Reiner laughed it off and dismissed it as a fake. Nevertheless, it's safe to say that most DC fans won't let the issue of a possible current-gen Superman game from Rocksteady rest until the studio itself steps up to squash the speculation.

Rocksteady Studios has yet to announce that it has a Superman game in the works.

Source: 4chan

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