10 Superheroes Who Deserve Video Games

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With comic book superheroes slowly taking over both the small and silver screen, we take a look at the characters that most deserve their own video game.

Over recent years, the heroes of comic books have become a huge part of popular culture. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has delivered some of the most successful movies of all time, while Batman has also hit the silver screen to tremendous effect with the Dark Knight trilogy. Meanwhile, shows such as Daredevil, Arrow, and Jessica Jones have shown that super-powers work just as well on television.

Even video games have got in on the action, with Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series delivering some tremendous comic book hero gameplay to users. However, there are still plenty of deserving superheroes that have yet to make their way into the video game medium, and fans of these super-powered heroes perhaps deserve a chance to play as their favorites. With that in mind, here are our picks of 10 superheroes that should have their own video game.

10 Black Panther

black panther

Although this hero will have been around for fifty years as of July 2016, Black Panther has been criminally underused in video games and movies alike. Given that T’Challa has cemented his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Captain America: Civil War, it’s about time that this superhero receive a video game adaptation, away from the previous playable character offerings of other Marvel games.

After all, Black Panther is an extremely malleable character and one that many developers would presumably love to sink their teeth into. Not only an accomplished combatant and athlete, this hero could potentially even rival Batman’s stake as the world’s greatest detective. Now all we need is a video game showcasing Black Panther’s many talents.

9 The Flash

The Flash

Although this DC Comics hero does have a history in gaming, it is an unfortunately bittersweet story. The Flash actually received a standalone video game release all the way back in 1993, as an exclusive to the Sega Master System. However, by the time the game saw release, the console was no longer supported in either the United States or Japan, leaving the game sinking into obscurity.

Then, back in 2008, another attempt was made to bring The Flash into video games, but after some promising-looking test footage was released the project was cancelled. Given the popularity of The Flash television series, why not try to bring the character into gaming once more? After all, what could be better than a high-octane version of Mirror’s Edge starring this hero?

8 Runaways

Runaways Comic

Comic books are not always about the role of an individual hero. Instead, some super-powered characters find taking on villainous foes much more effective when working together as a team. That’s certainly the case with Runaways, named after a group of teenagers that join up to stop the evil organization known as The Pride.

Although the series eventually ended, Marvel has promised that Runaways is going to return. With a strong back catalogue of creative minds, including Brian K. Vaughn and Joss Whedon, there is a wealth of character development for players to immerse themselves in, meaning a video game based on Runaways could be a wonderful, story-driven experience. Throw in some team management skills and a tactical approach to combat, and a game based on this team becomes an enticing prospect.

7 Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

This heroine has found huge popularity over recent years, particularly through the acclaimed television show based on the character. Eschewing the traditional story of a superhero fighting costumed villains, however, Jessica Jones’ history instead delves a little deeper into the personality behind the mask.

As such, a video game revolving around this heroine could be a great example of an adaptation done right, either focusing on her super powers or instead (and perhaps preferably) taking a LA Noire-esque focused look at a private investigation. Whether it be fighting crime or unraveling a mystery, a Jessica Jones game would no doubt pick up a lot of attention.

6 Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

This space-faring superhero team made a surprise splash in popular culture thanks to Marvel’s 2014 movie based on the characters. Although the group was not part of Marvel’s top tier of comic characters before the film wowed viewers around the world, the Guardians of the Galaxy are now one of the most beloved superhero groups around.

What’s more, a video game based on the team has all the ingredients for a standout success. Although mobile title Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon has been released, a full-blooded AAA game is what would really impress. A varied group of heroes with different, complementary powers, a fantastic and vibrant setting, and incredible characters could all come together to make an excellent action game - just as long as we get to play as Groot at some point.

5 Blade

Blade Comic

This monster hunter truly bucks the trend of Marvel superheroes. Taking a much more violent and gritty approach to fighting evil than the company’s normal heroes, Blade provides something that not many other Marvel characters could. Given the multitude of Punisher-based video games, Blade also surely deserves a chance to shine.

In fact, Blade has already appeared in video games, but aside from a range of cameo appearances, the vampiric hero has only had spin-offs from the Wesley Snipes movies. Unfortunately, these games were poorly received, and did not quite do justice to the character from the comic books. Perhaps now is the time to get a Blade game that truly captures this hero’s essence.

4 The Tick

The Tick 2

As Deadpool has recently showed, there is plenty of room for satire when it comes to superheroes. Initially seen as a parody of traditional heroes, The Tick rose in popularity throughout the 1990s and early 200s, receiving a beloved cartoon adaptation as well as a live-action TV series. There was also an SNES video game, although the less said about that the better.

Nonetheless, the concept of a video game based on The Tick is still sound, and perhaps now more than ever the world needs the unique brand of humor that this hero provides. The once-more available Deadpool game that was initially released back in 2013 gave players a tongue-in-cheek look at both gaming and comics, and no doubt The Tick could deliver a similar level of satire.

3 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

This founding member of the Justice League has been overlooked in comparison to some of her peers. Although Wonder Woman has appeared in the likes of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Injustice: Gods Among Us, there has been a distinct lack of standalone Wonder Woman games. Justice League may be a great series, but fans of Diana of Themyscira have had little chance to actually play as the heroine.

With Wonder Woman recently appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a Wonder Woman film also on the way, it could be the right time to explore this character's story in the video game form. With unique abilities, powerful enemies such as Circe, and an intriguing backstory to discover, the sky's the limit with just how good a Wonder Woman video game could be.

2 Daredevil


Rocksteady Studios received huge acclaim for its Batman: Arkham games, and even though there may be some questions over whether the gaming community truly needs a remastered collection of the games, there is no denying the impact that the Arkham series had. With that in mind, this developer could be perhaps the perfect fit to bring Daredevil to the world of gaming.

The Marvel hero could fit with the Arkham template incredibly well, with the same dark underworld, taut gameplay, and even the perfect excuse to keep a detective mode in game. A Daredevil game nearly made it into stores in the 2000's, but so far the only standalone game based on the hero was the easily forgettable Game Boy Advance title based on the notorious 2003 movie. Let’s hope that Daredevil can finally receive a video game worthy of Matt Murdock.

1 Green Arrow

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, is sometimes forgotten when compared to some of his DC Comics peers. Unfortunately, Queen is not the only billionaire entrepreneur who spends his spare time dressing up in a costume and beating up thuggish villains, and that does a disservice to his role as one of the most interesting superheroes around.

Where a Green Arrow video game could really shine, however, is in the game mechanics themselves. Queen's weapon of choice has not always been the most fluid weapon to use in games, but over recent years several games have truly made the most out of the bow and arrow. An adventure title with the same intuitive bow mechanics as the Tomb Raider reboot or Far Cry 3 could lead to an incredible adaptation.

So there we have it - our pick of 10 superheroes that truly deserve a game of their own. What do you make of our list? What superheroes would you most want to see have a video game? Let us know in the comments below.

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