PowerUp Heroes: Ubisoft's New Superhero Kinect Game

PowerUp Heroes Release Date for Xbox 360 Kinect

Ubisoft, while they may be growing bored of the current generation of consoles, are certainly leading the charge in providing games for all of the latest tech, whether that be Nintendo's 3DS or Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect motion control device.

In keeping with that notion, Ubisoft has just unveiled their latest offering, titled PowerUp Heroes. Not a very exiting game title, but certainly an exciting concept. PowerUp Heroes may be the Kinect game many purchasers have been waiting for, especially with the superhero craze taking over the summer movie season.

PowerUp Heroes is developed by Longtail Studios specifically for the Kinect device and it allows players to use their entire body for a full range of control over their hero. In the game, you'll be able to launch projectiles, dodge attacks and get up close and personal with your superpowered opponent, whether it be local 1v1 style or in four-player tournaments (including online play).

Ubisoft's press release details how the game makes use of your player's Xbox Avatar and hints at the powered suits you may collect in game for use in battle:

Players use their unique Xbox 360 avatars to create custom playable superheroes in the game and prepare their avatar for battle by infusing their super suit with deadly powers and special abilities. After the player’s character destroys an enemy in battle, they will strip them of the super suit and wield their power for their next battle. There are 20 super suits to collect including the mighty Necromancer suit which allows the player to control a horde of skeletons, and the Mentalist suit that gives the player the ability to break into their enemy’s mind.

Here are the first three PowerUp Heroes screenshots which show the variety of character designs players can utilize, in-game combat and your superhero suit selection screen:

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PowerUp Heroes is a game that Microsoft wishes they had when they launched the Kinect and I'm excited at its potential. I am however disappointed that Longtail didn't go all the way with their ideas in that you're restricted to using the in-game, pre-defined suits. Being able to create your own character and develop your powers as you play on gives re-playability and incentive to do more - something I have a feeling this game will need after playing it for a little while.

A game like this, whether family-oriented or not, could be fleshed out and made a little deeper. Perhaps this is just a stepping stone to the next evolution of motion control gaming where you can be a superhero in a rich story.

For more information and screenshots, head to the official site:

PowerUp Heroes release in June 2011 exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Kinect.


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