While gamers are only just beginning to find their favorites amongst the eclectic cast of fighters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, developer SuperBot Entertainment is already looking to toss a few more combatants into the fray. We’ve already revealed that Emmett from Starhawk and Kat from Gravity Rush are the first of hopefully many DLC characters being added to All-Stars Battle Royale, but thus far we haven’t heard too much about them.

Granted, both these characters are still in the early stages of development, but nonetheless SuperBot’s Seth Killian is willing to tease what the team is envisioning and working on for each character.

As far as the protagonist of Starhawk, Emmett, goes it sounds like SuperBot is incorporating key elements from Lightbox Interactive‘s multiplayer shooter into All-Stars. Like Nathan Drake or Colonel Radec, SuperBot isn’t focusing just on shooting as a form of combat, but taking the unique ‘Build and Battle’ system from Starhawk and making that an important part of Emmett’s move set.

“Starhawk had a lot of great technology where you’re always dropping crazy things from the sky, and we’ve tried to really implement that to represent the character. You can assume that some gun attacks will end up in his design as well, but we really wanted to accentuate this construction mechanic.”

Battles are already hectic and fast-paced as it is — especially considering All-Stars dynamic arenas, but imagine how much chaos will end up on screen once Emmett starts dropping whole buildings from the sky. And, of course, SuperBot would be remiss if they didn’t include Starhawk‘s eponymous flying vehicles — if not as a standard attack maybe as one of Emmett’s three “supers.”

Gravity Rush - Kat

Unfortunately, although it seems like development is chugging along on Emmett, Killian suggests things aren’t running as smoothly with Gravity Rush‘s Kat. Incorporating Kat’s unique movement and ability to manipulate gravity has made her quite the formidable opponent, to the point that she is “a bit broken.”

Killian’s comments on Kat shouldn’t lead anyone to believe she is by any means unplayable; it just appears she might need some balancing.

“Kat moves around the screen right now like nobody else. I’m sure, even if it doesn’t stay in the way that it is right now, that she’ll have a lot of crazy movement options and definitely the ability to play with gravity…Obviously, she’s immune from it, and she’ll have the opportunity to exploit that in battle. She’s got a lot of great combos already actually.”

While we’re still left wondering where Crash Bandicoot or Spyro are on the All-Stars roster, the fact that SuperBot is subverting our expectations with unique character choices does have its intrigue. Both Kat and Emmett sound, on paper, like characters that bring something new to the table and aren’t merely copies of character tropes already available in the game. Nevertheless, we’d like to see some fan-favorite characters included as part of future DLC offerings.

What do you think of All-Stars Battle Royale‘s new characters, Kat and Emmett? What moves are essential for bringing these fighters to life?

Source: Push Square