New 'Super Street Fighter IV' DLC Costumes Are Hilarious

Super Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV is a great fighting game. It might even be one of the best currently out there. It’s hard to improve upon an already great game; instead, Capcom is deciding to make “improvements” to the look of the characters.

As part of an upcoming DLC, each character will be receiving a new costume so that gamers aren’t constantly looking at the same tattered threads.

Producer Yoshinori Ono gave us our first look.

Let’s be honest about something. The costume a character is designed with can, in large part, make or break our connection with them. Take Bayonetta for example, her ability to shift into various stages of undress made her much more popular with the male gamers then she would have been in a much more conservative outfit.

The additional costumes allow the Street Fighter characters a chance to let their playful side out. Obviously their retail costumes must be iconic/exactly what fans expect or else a riot will occur - but after the game is out, and has sold a ton of copies, then the fun can begin.

Super Street Fighter IV

Personally I am a huge fan of Cammy’s new costume. Not only does it give her more clothing than she is accustomed to, it also turns her into a purple cat. Ryu’s bandana look is my personal favorite in the “looking awesome” category but my eyes will forever be drawn to that crazy purple cat.

Super Street Fighter IV

Obviously, cosmetic touches aren’t the type of DLC that would cause furious excitement, especially since we have no word about cost. If I were a betting man I would guess the cost will be similar to what the last costume DLC went for. They might not be the route an EVO champion might take but the costumes add a new element to the game.

My fingers are crossed for the purple cat Avatar costume, now that would be the day. Make sure to check all of the costumes out here.

What do you think Ranters? Willing to fork over a couple of bucks for a purple cat costume for Cammy?

Super Street Fighter IV will update your wardrobe some time this fall for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Source: Yoshi Onochin [via Silliconera]

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