Arcade Version of 'Super Street Fighter IV' Getting New Characters

Super Street Fighter IV

Are you feeling like your Super Street Fighter IV roster doesn’t pack enough awesome?

Well Capcom might be able to provide you just what you need. If you play in the arcade, that is.

Found on the official Super Street Fighter IV Blog, the teaser image above shows the outline of a skateboard and a pair of rollerblades with the phrase, “What in the world are these?!”

Rumor has it that this image is teasing a reveal of additional characters for the arcade version of SSFIV, and that the characters in question could be Yun and Yang.

First introduced in Street Fighter III, Yun and Yang were twin brothers separated at birth who both rose up in the world of martial arts and became gang bosses. But who really cares about their backstory, it’s all about new characters for SSFIV right?

Super Street Fighter IV

While there has been no word as to the number of characters who will be introduced or whether these additions will eventually reach the console versions in the form of DLC, it is safe to assume that Yun and Yang are en route.

If you read our review you would already know that Super Street Fighter IV takes an already fantastic fighting game and improves on it in many ways. Not only is Capcom aware that fans of the game want anything and everything they can get their hands on, they knew that the experience was key, and they delivered. Whether you are the EVO 2010 Champion or you are new to the fighting game genre, Super Street Fighter IV is sure to catch your attention, in one way or another.

Currently, Capcom is doing location tests for the new arcade versions of Super Street Fighter making it safe to guess that one of these tests might have a few extra characters. We'll let you know as soon as the identities of the new characters go public.

Besides Yun and Yang, who do you think should be put into Super Street Fighter IV Ranters? Let us know in the comments below.

Super Street Fighter IV is currently available for the PS3, Xbox 360, and in an Arcade near you.

Source: Andria Sang

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