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Gamers have been questioning Nintendo’s lack of must-have launch titles for the 3DS, yet Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition may be just that. In fact, SSFIV 3D is the only one of GameRant’s Top 5 Most Anticipated 3DS Games that is going to be available the day the 3DS is released.

Capcom is working hard to cram a large amount of features into the game, in order to attract people who may be on the fence about buying another iteration of Street Fighter. As previously discussed, SSFIV 3D will have online play, along with a spectator option that allows players to watch matches taking place across the world. Now, Capcom has released more details on the Figure Collection mode in the game.

The image below shows the Figure Slots system where figure points are exchanged for, yeah you guessed it, figures. Throughout the game, in all of the different modes, players will receive Figure Points for each battle that can be saved up and used to play Figure Slots.

For those hungry for more Figure Points, the 3DS accumulates system-wide Game Coins as a reward for carrying the system around, which can also be traded in for large amounts of Figure Points.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Figures Collection Slots

The Figure Collection mode also utilizes the 3DS’ Street Pass technology. In addition to being able to trade figures with friends locally, gamers can also battle other SSFIV 3D players instantaneously as they walk past each other. These simulated battles take place between teams that each user creates from their collection of figures.

Theoretically, before people leave their house they will set up a team of five figures, and if they happen to pass somebody carrying a 3DS, it simulates the battle and determines a winner. Thankfully, it is not necessary to have the SSFIV 3D cartridge currently in the 3DS to battle.

The sophistication of the Simulation Battles is surprisingly deep and appears to be an entire game in and of itself. When creating a team, there are a certain amount of points to spend on power, defense, and speed. Each of those bonuses is tacked on to the baseline stats for each unique figure, allowing customization and adding a great deal of depth and strategy.

Hopefully, enough 3DS units will be available at launch so that this feature is relevant in places other than Japan.

At first glance, this feature seemed like a rehash of the trophy system from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but the additional options are very cool. All in all, the Figure Collection mode is shaping up to be a clever and original system that incentivizes continued play.

Will you be picking up Super Street Fighter IV on launch day? Are you excited about the use of figures, or will you be sticking to the standard game modes?

The 3DS and Super Street Fighter IV3D Edition will both be available on March 27th.

Source: andriasang

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