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Meet Mike Begum, a.k.a Broly. Broly is a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament player. Yes, we know that you've most likely seen/heard of tournament players many times before, but Broly has something that sets him far apart from the average competitive fighter. Broly has a condition known as arthrogryposis, which leaves him with little to no ability to operate his hands and feet.

His unique circumstance has not kept him from being one of the top Super Street Fighter 4 players in Texas. While many players complain that they cannot fairly compete without the use of an overpriced arcade stick, Broly dishes out professional grade ass whoopings with only the use of his face. That's right -- while others need foolish things such hands, he strategically uses the 360 controller with just his face.

Check out this motivating vid of Broly in action, and his explanation of how he wields the controller in his special way down below.


Above the obvious moral of overcoming obstacles, this is another great example of gaming being a positive addition to someone's life. We're used to seeing gaming organizations donating to wonderful causes such as breast cancer research and to giving proceeds to help the earthquake victims in Japan. This situation differs in that gaming is directly affecting this man's life without the use of money as a middle-man. Instead of his setback becoming an excuse, it has made him ten times more awesome at what he does.

We all have some sort of hurdle to deal with in life, and Broly has somehow managed to make diamonds out of his lemons.

What may be the best moment in the video is once the interviewer asked if Broly had any advise for anyone else with setbacks, and Broly responded with the following

"Look for what you can do. I know it's hard and I know that you might have a lot of limitations, but there's really no limitations to what you can do. You can put your mind to anything that you want to do. I did it and I know that everybody else can do it. They just have to find what they can do best and exploit that. That's basically what I do."

If this doesn't motivate/move you in anyway today, nothing probably will.

Source: CrossCounter

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