Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Features Two New Additions to the Roster?

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The Street Fighter series rolls on with more fan-pleasing action as an arcade version of the acclaimed fourth incarnation of the series gears up for release. Capcom starts location testing in Japan for the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV soon and news has leaked that the game will receive an even larger roster of characters to choose from than the retail version.

There were numerous old characters added to the roster as Street Fighter IV grew to Super proportions, including the two newcomers Juri and Haken on consoles. There could be even more characters for the arcade version, as seenn in a suspicious box featured on the bottom of this flier promoting SSFIV's Japanese arcade release.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Flier

Could there be yet another addition to the roster? With over 30 characters to choose from, all of whom are from every Street Fighter incarnation, who's left? There are a few Alpha 3 characters that didn't make the cut yet, specifically sexy and large breasted Rainbow Mika and (personal favorite) Rolento.

Wait, what's this? A leaked screenshot of the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade roster? Yes please:

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade - Two Extra Characters

Unless we've been had by some conniving Photoshop miscreant it appears that the Arcade version of Street Fighter IV will receive two new characters! Let the speculation begin!

There's no doubt that Capcom truly wants this to be the Street Fighter game that fans can truly be happy with. The few times I did play the game, I was very impressed with the fighting engine and how it catered to both advanced players and newcomers to the series. No surprise, Capcom creates fighting games with staying power and will continue to provide dedicated support, new content, and who knows what's next.

With Marvel vs. Capcom 3 coming soon, fans of Capcom fighting games will have no problems staying occupied and will probably have the MvC3 system broken down to a science within two weeks. Either way, here's hoping Capcom releases these new characters for SFIV to retail copies via DLC.

Source: Andriasang

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