Every weekday shines light on a little bit of additional information pertaining to the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, courtesy of the games’ official website, and a plethora of details (be them minor or major) have been revealed thus far. Everything from new combatants and stages to moves and Assist Trophies have been confirmed through the site, and now what appears to be the first ever glimpse at the games’ single-player mode has surfaced.

Hailing from the 3DS version of Smash, the screenshot itself doesn’t give fans a great look at what to expect from the revamped story mode, but franchise creator Masahiro Sakurai claims it will not be the same as Subspace Emissary mode. Largely, the only reason gamers have been able to establish that the picture is from the single-player campaign is because of a brief description offered by Sakurai in Nintendo’s MiiVerse.

“Pic of the day. Where am I……?? To be clear, the new Super Smash Bros. games does not feature a story mode like The Subspace Emissary.”

Super Smash Bros Single Player Campaign Screenshots

Judging solely on the screenshot, it appears that platforming portions will be making their triumphant return in the new games, although they will not be accompanied by the cinematic cutscenes that Subspace Emissary featured so prominently. What’s less obvious about the new pic, however, is which game the location is based off of — provided it’s based on an existing IP at all.

There have been forests in nearly every Nintendo game to date, so it’s very challenging to derive the origin of the level, but the Big N should be providing gamers with more details in the very near future. For now, fans are going to speculate about what the single-player component of Game Rant‘s most anticipated fighting game may end up being like, as well as which characters they’ll be able to play through it as after the games hits store shelves later this year.


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Source: MiiVerse