Waluigi Returning As Assist Trophy in ‘Super Smash Bros.’

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More and more details continue to pour in every week in regards to the upcoming and highly anticipated pair of Super Smash Bros. games. Earlier this month fans learned that Little Mac will be making his playable debut, while Diddy Kong will also return, but there are still a number of combatants left to be revealed. Speculation on whom those characters could be is currently running rampant, but there are a few reoccurring names that make it onto fans’ wish lists.

One of the more common character requests comes in the form of the purple-suited doppelgänger Waluigi, but any hope that gamers held out for the lanky villain has quickly been dashed by Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai. Taking to the games’ MiiVerse page, Sakurai confirmed that Waluigi would only be reprising his role from Brawl as an Assist Trophy in the forthcoming Wii U and 3DS installments.

“Pic of the day. Once again, Waluigi’s Assist Trophy joins the collection!! …Which also means he’s not a playable character. Just because you try hard doesn’t mean you’ll make it into the battle.”

While some gamers may have wished to see Waluigi playable in a more legitimate form than just community-released hacks, his role as an Assist Trophy appears more than adequate given the lack of prominence from the character in Nintendo-made games. Combine the fact that Super Mario representatives have already laid claim to five spots on the roster (with newcomer Rosalina adding to the series’ dominance), and it’s easy to see why Waluigi didn’t make the cut.

With Waluigi falling into the same role as Skull Kid, it doesn’t look good for fans hoping for the confirmation of an obscure character. That said, Sakurai isn’t afraid of inserting odd fighters into the mix — Mr. Game & Watch and Ice Climbers are proof of that — so there’s certainly still a chance for some wacky roster choices. Who or what that entails remains to be seen, but there’s one thing that we here at Game Rant know for sure: we really want Mewtwo to return.


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Source: MiiVerse