It’s no surprise that fans are incredibly excited for the newly revealed Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. The pair of games have gamers eager to get their hands on the long-awaited products at some point next year, and the confirmation of Mega Man instantly became a dream come true for many longtime Smashaholics. That said, there were a few issues with Brawl that fans are hoping will be addressed in the next pair of installments, with one of the biggest being the single-player ‘Subspace Emissary’ mode.

While the story of how these characters of various video game franchises were crossing paths proved to be interesting, the mode itself was a dull romp that received its fair share of criticism from fans and critics alike. During an interview between Polygon and franchise creator Masahiro Sakurai, it was revealed that a single-player campaign would also be included in the pair of forthcoming Super Smash Bros. titles. This new mode will be completely different from Subspace Emissary.

“There will be a single player [campaign], but it won’t be like the [Subspace Emissary] mode in Brawl. One thing we can do with the Smash Bros. series that’s unique to us – because we have all these different disparate characters brought together – is we can create that sort of fan-movie experience as a special gift. But now those things are posted on the internet, it doesn’t really become a gift for people who played the game.”

“What we decided this time around, we’re just going to have [those movies unlocked] from the beginning. We’re going to have a movie for Wii Fit Trainer, The Villager and Mega Man and they’ll be viewable right at the beginning, you can watch those right away.”

Currently branded as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, the pair of games still have a long way to go before they make their way to market. That said, heavily modifying the campaign with initial cutscenes does make sense, and falls more in line with what’s offered in other fighting titles. Hopefully the cinematics aren’t limited to basic introductions though, because seeing the characters interact with one another is always an interesting spectacle.

Although, we’re having a hard time picturing how the Wii Fit Trainer will interact with the likes of Mega Man.

Super Smash Bros. will be hitting the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS at some point in 2014.

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Source: Polygon