Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Solid Snake Voiced by David Hayter

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During Nintendo's E3 presentation, the company introduced the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and also confirmed that every character from the franchise would be returning for this debut on Switch, including the fan-favorite Solid Snake. Moreover, that's not the only exciting news concerning the beloved character of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

When about asked about Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, David Hayter, the voice actor who classically voiced the character in the Metal Gear Solid series, confirmed that he was also behind the Smash voice acting. For fans of both franchises, this is incredible, as it increases the levels of immersion in the game. Check it out below:

With Solid Snake's return and the introduction of Metroid's Ridley to the roster of the crossover fighting game, it's definitely shaping up to be a wonderful experience. Both of the aforementioned are sure to appease fans of the long-running franchise, as something old and something new means chaotic encounters throughout Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

For some, it may be a surprise that Snake hasn't appeared in a Smash game in ten years, so his return - especially with Hayter's voice acting - is something worth celebrating; however, that's not the only thing returning, as the Shadow Moses Island map is also making a combat. Without a doubt, even with the game's massive roster, this should excite the Metal Gear Solid fanbase.

Of course, considering E3 is really just getting started, more about the crossover fighting game should slowly become available, but with all of the surprises such as the fake Smash ball, it'll be hard to top everything recently revealed. If any company could make this reveal any bigger though, it's Nintendo. Nevertheless, fans should stay tuned for more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Nintendo E3-related news!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases December 7, 2018, exclusive for Nintendo Switch.

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