Metroid's Ridley Joins the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster

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After several titles and endless requests from fans over the years, Ridley from the Metroid series joins the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.

Nintendo premiered the first fully-fledged trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during its E3 2018 press conference, and as a final, special treat for fans, the company revealed one new playable character before the presentation ended. Ridley, one of Samus' most persistent foes, is officially joining the Smash Bros. roster.

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He was introduced with an in-game cinematic, where he viciously wrecks poor Mega Man and Mario before Samus is left to deal with her long-time nemesis. Later, Nintendo took the time to show some hands-on footage of Ridley in action.

His attacks include various swipes and slashes, and he makes good use of his deadly tail. Ridley also has the ability to shoot fireballs from his mouth. Sakurai revealed that when Ridley charges his fireballs, this is when he is most vulnerable to damage. Using his wings, he is especially mobile in the air, helping him to easily maneuver around the stage and jump back on if knocked off; much like fellow Super Smash Bros. combatant Meta Knight.

Ridley's Final Smash sends players into space, where they crash into Samus' ship, and are subsequently blasted into oblivion when Ridley unleashes a devastating beam attack. According to the footage, he comes in two variations, his regular form and his Mecha Ridley form.

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Nintendo also announced that Ridley will be getting his own amiibo, which was revealed next to a new Inkling amiibo. It is a great looking model, and will surely be flying off the shelves once it is released.

Despite being one of the most requested playable characters in the series, fans were not entirely sure Ridley's inclusion would ever actually happen. Even the game's creator, Masahiro Sakurai, stated in the past that the character was probably too big to ever appear in a Smash Bros. game. Due to concerns of him dominating the limited space on the fighting stage, he has been scaled down to a reasonable size, though he is still larger than most other characters.

There was an early roster leak that listed Ridley as one of the new characters in the upcoming Super Smash Bros., but the leak also claimed Castlevania's Simon Belmont, another popular fan request, would also be included, which cast some doubt on the leak's credibility. But here we are, and Ridley has been officially announced. Does this mean a Simon reveal is right around the corner? Perhaps a future Nintendo Direct will answer that question.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will launch on December 7, 2018, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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