Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally here, and players are already busy completing its World of Light Adventure Mode and unlocking all of the characters it has to offer. However, some fans are confronting serious lag issues that are making it difficult to compete in the game’s online multiplayer — fortunately, there is a method that may improve connection problems for some.

As stated on Reddit, a Switch, by default, will set a connection’s Maximum Transfer Units (basically, the size of transmitted packets) to 1,400. This is an atypical value, and it can lead to a poor connection and problems when attempting to take the Switch online. It is thus recommended that the value be changed for those that are experiencing issues when playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online.

Before outlining the method for doing so, it is important to emphasize that accidentally changing different settings while attempting to alter the MTU value can cause additional connection issues. Extra care should be taken to follow these steps as indicated. Furthermore, if the Switch will not connect to the internet after changing the MTU value, it should be reset back to 1,400.

The method for changing MTU values on Switch is as follows:

  • Access “System Settings” from the Switch home screen
  • Select “Internet”
  • Select “Internet Settings”
  • Select the network being used
  • Select “Change Settings”
  • Select “MTU,” and change the value to 1,500

super smash bros ultimate lag guide

To note, this process only changes the MTU value for the specified connection, not for the Switch overall. Players that are finding this method effective at reducing lag in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s online modes will need to repeat the process if they use multiple connections.

Additionally, for those that find that changing the MTU value has made their connection worse, it may be worth determining the network’s optimal MTU size and entering that into the Switch’s settings. Optimal MTU size can be determined by using a guide provided by Netgear.

While this approach may not fully eliminate lag issues, some players are finding success with it. Additionally, it has applications outside of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as it can improve connections to any of the Switch’s online games as well as increase download speeds.

That said, a wired connection is certainly the most foolproof way to address network issues, but adjusting the MTU value is a worthwhile pursuit for those that do not have the option. Hopefully, some players will find this method helpful as they attempt to take Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s 74 playable characters online.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit