Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Joker Release Date, Moveset Confirmed

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Joker Persona 5 DLC Fighter

In a surprise announcement through a 15-minute Nintendo Direct, the company confirmed that Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be getting the massive Version 3.0 update tomorrow, and a lot of exciting things are coming with it. Perhaps the most exciting feature coming tomorrow is the highly anticipated Persona 5 Joker DLC which adds the leader of the Phantom Thieves to the ever-growing roster of fighters. The surprise Direct revealed Joker's moveset as well as his final smash and alternate costume. Alongside Joker, the game will also be receiving the Stage Builder mode, a returning feature that many fans have been asking for.

At first glance, Joker's abilities are similar to other Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters on the roster, like Bayonetta and Cloud. Joker's neutral special is his signature pistol, which can be used rapid fire or in the air for cool maneuvers. His side special is Eiha, a curse ability with weak initial damage, but it does rack up damage over time. Joker can use his grappling hook as his up special to hook enemies or grab onto ledges for safe recovery.

Perhaps most interesting is Joker's down special, Rebel's Guard. Taking damage while in Rebel's Guard charges Rebellion Gauge even faster. Once full, Joker summons his signature Persona, Arsene. While Arsene is active, all of Joker's abilities are more potent, making him a force to be reckoned with.

The Joker DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will also include a new map based off of Mementos from Persona 5. The map seems to change randomly, and will also change color based on what song is playing. In Challenger Pack 1, several songs from Persona 5 make an appearance, as well as a couple from Persona 3 and Persona 4. Songs from those games will change the stage to blue and yellow respectively. Fans will get to enjoy this stage, or create their own thanks to the previously rumored Stage Builder mode that is making a return in the 3.0 update.

Now that Joker is joining the Super Smash Bros. roster after a somewhat long wait, all eyes are on Nintendo as fans await the announcement for the next Challenger Pack. While there are many rumors and supposed leaks flying around about the next Smash DLC fighter, unfortunately fans will just have to enjoy playing as Joker until Nintendo decides to unveil the next approaching challenger.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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