Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Finally Adds Fan Favorite Mode

super smash bros ultimate home run contest

As the rush of excitement begins to wane after a slew of fresh Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news, there is one more bit of content announced that fans may have missed. The classic Home Run Contest mode has returned to the franchise via the recent update.

There was so much to take in during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct, some of the news was bound to be overshadowed by the avalanche of information during the event. The return of the Home Run Contest mode was one example, which was announced by director Masahiro Sakurai. Additionally, according to the director, there is a good chance it may be the final mode added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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For those unaware of this beloved mode, Home Run Contest tests the skills of players by tasking them to launch a seemingly alive Sandbag as far as possible. This is done the same way any character can be launched, by racking up damage. Players are given 10 seconds to doll out as much damage on the Sandbag as they are capable. Then they send it flying with a Home Run Bat item and the game will mark where the Sandbag lands. The mode is now available as part of the new 5.0 patch, which also added the lastest DLC fighter.

The return of Home Run Contest was a mere morsel compared to the buffet of announcements during the lastest Nintendo Direct. One of the biggest being the identity of the fourth fighter in the game's Fighters Pass. The next DLC character is Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury, the poster boy for SNK. It was rumored a character from the ol' Neo Geo days would be heading to Smash Bros., but it wasn't confirmed until Wednesday. The announcement was accompanied by a short trailer and confirmation the character should arrive in November 2019.

There is still one more DLC fighter in development for the Fighters Pass that has yet to be announced, but this character won't be the last. Nintendo also confirmed during the presentation that even more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters are coming after the Fighters Pass is complete. The last four characters announced have all be from other franchises outside of Nintendo, which suggests this trend will continue; meaning the possibilities are nearly endless.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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