Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Introduces Fake Smash Ball

super smash bros ultimate fake ball

Today, during Nintendo's E3 press conference, Nintendo officially unveiled Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with gameplay that featured a ton of characters such as Ice Climbers, Snake, and many, many more. However, one key detail was revealed that'll be sure to change up the typical combat over the Smash Ball.

It was revealed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate introduces and includes a fake Smash Ball that's certain to make the fight over the genuine Smash ball that much more hectic. Of course, it stands to reason that sometimes the fake ball with appear without the real Smash Ball needing to appear, but again, that's just more chaotic.

During the Nintendo Treehouse presentation, it was revealed that the fake Smash Ball could be identified by its marking, but that doesn't mean it'll make the flow of combat any easier. Although the differences aren't too stark, it is noticeably different, though it may not seem so in the middle of the game. Check it out below:

fake smash ball in game

Moreover, it also seems Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature online multiplayer, as Nintendo referred to tweaking some characters, meaning that this chaos won't only be during local couch gameplay. It means that, in the competitive world, obtaining the genuine article instead of going after the fake will require a certain level of skill.

But, for those local couch players who aren't interesting in the competitive scene, there's yet another Smash-related boon to improve the experience. Nintendo also revealed that this Switch version of Smash will also support Gamecube controllers, so there's really a little bit for everyone in this latest addition to the crossover fighting game. As E3 continues on, and more information about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate becomes available, expect to see it right here.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases December 7, 2018, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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