Super Smash Bros Ultimate: 10 DLC We Need To See (That Aren’t New Fighters)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one thicc boi. Filled to the brim with content, characters, collectibles, and just about anything else you'd want out of a mascot fighter, Sakurai once again narrowly avoided death to give us one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there.

However, let's ask for more because we're greedy. While there is DLC being continually added to the game through fighter packs, there are tons of different DLC options that could come in forms other than fighters. Today, we're going to be going over ten different DLC ideas for Ultimate that aren't fighters. Let's get into it.

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10 New Stages

With each new fighter addition, a stage based upon their series of origin is usually included. However, there could easily be new stages added to the game without the inclusion of a fighter that represents it. This would allow for additions from series that might not have a suitable fighter, with Rhythm Heaven being one that comes to mind. This release strategy would overall give the developers some more room to pick stages from all over the gaming world, which would be a great thing to see.

9 Target Smash

Target Smash returning in the form of DLC would be a nice surprise for fans of the series. While not a necessity, it would give players even more single-player content to play around with. Hopefully, we would get a different stage for each fighter, but that might be a bit difficult considering that there are 349 characters in this iteration of Smash Brothers.

8 World Of Light New Areas

New areas and spirits to fight in the World of Light adventure mode would be a welcomed addition as DLC. There are already tons of spirits, so, to see even more isn't really likely, but we're just talking ideas here. Besides, getting more of those hand-drawn areas from World of Light would be a nice little DLC addition to the title.

However, there is another thing that they could add to World of Light as DLC that would make fans very happy.

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7 World Of Light Cutscenes

Come on. Just give us the most ambitious crossover movie in history. Avengers who? The addition of more of the fantastic cutscenes that are included in World of Light would be absolutely amazing to see come to the game in some form as DLC. Or, once again, you could also just make an entire movie. Please. Just shoot above Justice League if you're going to do that. Detective Pikachu was just the start of phase one, so take your time.

6 Melee Style Adventure Mode

While this is really not a possibility... please? Getting a second adventure mode that resembles more of a Melee version (or even Subspace Emissary if we're being greedy) would be absolutely fantastic.

The Melee adventure mode was filled with platforming, mazes, hidden secrets, escape sequences, watching Luigi step on top of his brother's head—pure ecstasy, really. Seeing this all translated into and expanded upon in Ultimate would be absolutely incredible. Any amount that they would want to charge for this is absolutely acceptable. Once again, this is unlikely but it would be fantastic to see.

5 Echo Packs

Technically not new fighters as DLC, Echo packs would be a really fun addition to Smash Ultimate. Maybe packs of 2-5 different Echo characters would be a fun way to get new characters into the series with relative ease. Obviously, there would have to be multiple fighters included in order to charge $5 for a pack of them, but let's get real weird with this roster. We want baby echo fighters of every single Mario character and a Bidoof Echo Fighter of Incineroar, no exceptions.

4 New Music

The literal mountain of music that is contained within Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the best parts of the game. So... add more. This DLC could be packaged as albums and would be a set of tracks from any game series the developers choose. This could even be used as an opportunity to represent franchises that don't yet have a fighter in the game. You could also maybe add in some more Paper Mario music maybe? Please.

Wow, we're really just out here trying to make Sakurai's life as horrible as possible with this list, aren't we? Make someone else do it, then... please?

3 New Items, Pokémon And Assist Trophies

super smash bros ultimate home run contest return update switch nintendo

Another great DLC opportunity would be through adding new items, Pokémon, and assist trophies. Assist trophies would obviously be a bit harder than the other two, so even just Pokémon and items would be fun to see. Maybe some new creatures from Sword and Shield could be added in, along with new items from a variety of series.

Also, every single student from Three Houses as an assist trophy. No questions asked. This category is virtually limitless with what could be added to the game, which is why it would be great to see the developers tap into it when creating new DLC for Ultimate.

2 New Costumes

super smash bros ultimate adds new mii fighter costumes dlc sans undertale

Give us wedding dress Mario. Costumes are something that is really still not fully utilized in the Smash series. While characters like Bowser Jr., Mario, and a few Fire Emblem characters do have costumes, they're too far and few between. This DLC idea could be utilized to give Zelda a Hilda palette swap, Link more Breath of the Wild costumes, and Luigi a Mr. L costume.

Obviously, this is just the start of amazing costumes that we could see come to Ultimate if the developers so chose to do so.

1 More Final Bosses

One final way that the developers could beef up this already beefy game is through the addition of new final bosses. We already have a large roster to choose from, but getting even more of these final fights is a great way to diversify some of the Classic Mode routes while also providing more single-player content for fans to play through with the inclusion of a Boss Rush mode. Come on Nintendo. You know you want to.

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