5 Nintendo Characters That Should Be Added to ‘Super Smash Bros.’ as DLC

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As longtime fans can attest, one of the most exciting aspects of a new Super Smash Bros. title is speculating on which beloved Nintendo all-stars will make the cut. This time around many fans were delighted to see the latest entries in the series feature a shared roster that was comprised of a whopping 49 playable fighters (51 for those counting all three Mii Fighter variants). Even then, many agreed that there were a few beloved combatants missing from the recent installments.

It’s for this reason that the announcement of further downloadable content, outside of the previously confirmed Mewtwo, didn’t surprise many when it finally arrived in the latest Nintendo Direct presentation. What was shocking news, however, is that the Big N will be allowing players to vote for the fighters they most want to see arrive as downloadable content in the future.

With a slew of potential combatants now eligible for inclusion, fans everywhere have begun submitting requests for their favorite characters from within Ninty’s vast library of IP. Since players are understandably excited by the prospect of suiting up as their adored mascot, we have put together a list of five Nintendo-owned combatants that we’d love to see join the fray in Super Smash Bros.. Now, without any further delay, let’s jump in.

Captain Toad

Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS Captain Toad

After appearing in his very own spin-off game of the same name, Captain Toad wasted no time proving that the plucky fungi has an ample amount of personality. While the cutesy protagonist doesn’t seem like he’d be able to hold his own against the all-star roster of Smash Bros. right off the bat, the addition of the Captain’s backpack adds a slew of tools to his disposal.

Whether tossing turnips, busting out his handy pickaxe, or taking out foes with a runaway minecart, this loveable hero knows how to keep ahead of the competition. Given the character’s proven ability to be faster than many other Mushroom Kingdom residents, Captain Toad would make for a fine addition to a series that has only ever utilized him as Peach’s unwilling bodyguard.


Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS Wolf

Originating from the Star Fox series, the arch rival of Fox McCloud, Wolf, has been a mainstay of the entire franchise for many years. Often going head-to-head with the pilots of the Star Fox crew, Wolf has proven combat skills that very few space-bound critters are able to match – making the mercenary a very solid contender to re-join the Smash roster.

What makes the hired gun so intriguing is that he’s not above teaming up with Fox whenever their goals align, giving the morally-challenged canine some depth that few other fighters have. Couple Wolf’s appearance in Brawl with Lucas’ now inevitable return (as well as a new Star Fox game on Wii U arriving later this year), and we’d be surprised if the gunslinger wasn’t already in development.


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