Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Roster: Every Known Character

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Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch was announced this afternoon during Nintendo's latest Nintendo Direct video. The short announcement trailer was quite the teaser, beginning with the Splatoon Inklings chasing each other around and ending with a giant flaming Smash Bros. symbol. Details on the Nintendo Switch iteration of the popular franchise are hard to come by currently, but fans with an attention to detail are already piecing together the fighting game's roster.

While the bulk of the Super Smash Bros. teaser trailer is spent with the Splatoon Inklings, they aren't the only characters featured. Both Mario and Link are given a moment in the spotlight, as well. But what's even more interesting is the brief look at what most assume is the game's roster (in part or in full), largely hidden in shadow below the game's flaming icon. Luckily, the figures are given enough detail to allow for many to be recognized.

Within the crowd are least 19 distinct figures. None beyond the Inklings, Mario, and Link have been wholly revealed, and the Inklings aren't among the shadowed figures. That means there's at least 17 members of the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. roster left for fans to figure out on there own. Keep in mind that Nintendo has not confirmed any of these 17 shadowy characters and may yet decide not to feature them in the game come launch even if they are featured here.

Based on what was shown in the trailer, going from left to right here are the best guesses as to who each figure is:

  1. Yoshi - High Certainty - The shape of Yoshi's head is easily identifiable here, along with the greenish color of the light's reflection.
  2. Pit/Marth/Ike - Low Certainty - This figure's traits stand out, but are unclear. Wings or pauldron? Feather, headband, or sword pommel?
  3. Donkey Kong - High Certainty - That giant head and banana stem hairstyle is recognizable anywhere.
  4. Mewtwo/Falco/Rosalina - Low Certainty - With a sloped head and no other identifiable characteristics, this figure is one of the biggest mysteries.
  5. Peach - High Certainty - Not only doe the crown stand out here but so does Peach's blonde hair and pink dress.
  6. Ness/Lucas - Moderate Certainty - Short and with a rounded head, this figure appears to be Ness with his baseball cap.
  7. Bayonetta - Low Certainty - Bayonetta's now a Nintendo franchise, but would she be featured so prominently in a Super Smash Bros. teaser?
  8. Mario - High Certainty - Note that Mario appeared to be wearing Cappy in his teaser close-up, with Cappy's eye just edging out of the shadow.
  9. Link - High Certainty - Like Mario, this is the latest iteration of Link. He's sporting his Breath of the Wild hair and outfit.
  10. Luigi - High Certainty - Finally, Luigi get's to stand center stage with his brother.
  11. Sheik/Zelda - Moderate Certainty - It sure looks like Sheik, but would Nintendo keep her instead of switching to Breath of the Wild's Zelda?
  12. Pikachu - High Certainty - It could be Pichu, but it's probably not.
  13. Kirby/Jigglypuff - High Certainty - This is most likely Kirby, since Jigglypuff's hair isn't noticeable.
  14. Samus - High Certainty - No Zero Suit here, this is the classic Varia Suit Samus we know and love.
  15. Shulk/Marth/Captain Falcon - Low Certainty - This mysterious figure has become a catch-all for missing characters. What could be Shulk's Monado is behind them, but it may be something else entirely.
  16. Bowser - High Certainty - Well, it could be another giant dinosaur/turtle/monster.
  17. Fox - High Certainty - With Fox's ears, a furry head, and a short disposition, this could also be a Pokemon.
  18. Ganondorf/Captain Falcon - Low Certainty - Another mysterious figure that could be a missing regular. Not the odd reflection at around their waist height.
  19. Wario/Olimar/Slippy - Moderate Certainty - This is likely Wario, with his silly helmet, goggles, and ears.

Considering Nintendo went out of its way to make sure this first look at Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch didn't give away too many hints, the detective work so far has been very impressive. It makes sense that Nintendo would focus on classic Super Smash Bros. characters for a teaser, saving new characters for a later date. And with Mario, Luigi, Link, Peach, Zelda, Samus, Donkey Kong, Fox, Kirby, Yoshi, and Pikachu represented on the roster, all of the must-haves are accounted for. Though some might disagree.

Expect Nintendo to begin officially unveiling Super Smash Bros. characters in the next few months. After all, why announce the game in March if the plan wasn't to build up to a big E3 gameplay showcase?

Super Smash Bros. releases in 2018 on the Nintendo Switch.

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