Super Smash Bros Reveals Simon Belmont, Other Castlevania Content

super smash bros ultimate simon belmont

Evo 2018 is typically a place developers make all sorts of fighting game announcements and while many expected Nintendo to be among them, it was revealed that a new Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct was coming just a few days later. The segment showed off plenty of new features, gameplay and many big-time reveals including the confirmation of one of the most requested characters to join the series.

Nintendo started the Super Smash Bros Ultimate direct with a bang by announcing it was crossing over with the Castlevania series. The biggest reveal from this announcement is confirmation that the long-rumored vampire hunter, Simon Belmont, is joining the already expansive roster. Simon brings with him his iconic Vampire Killer whip as well as other classic items like holy water, the boomerang cross, and axe. His final smash is called Grand Cross and essentially puts his opponents in a casket for massive damage.

The Castlevania love didn't stop there, however. Ritcher Belmont also joins the roster as an echo fighter of Simon Belmont and fan favorite character Alucard, from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, can be utilized as an Assist Trophy. When summoned, Alucard uses his Crissaegrim sword and various vampiric powers.

The last piece of Castlevania news revolved around the unique new stage called Dracula's Castle. The home stage of Simon and Ritcher Belmont, this dynamic level spawns various bosses from across the entire Castlevania series throughout a match. Under rare occurrences, Dracula himself may also make an appearance, likely changing the scope of battle as well. Players will find 34 Castlevania music tracks in the game with some classic titles, remixed versions, and completely new arrangements as well.

In addition to the Castlevania news, the Direct had plenty more for fans including the revelation that Super Smash Bros Ultimate was launching with over 900 tracks of music and over 100 stages. Dark Samus and Chrom were also introduced as new echo fighters for Samus and Ike, and the presentation also showed off new items and Pokemon. The biggest reveal came at the end however when a brand new trailer showed off King K. Rool as another new playable fighter joining the roster.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches December 7 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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