Nintendo Releases Street Fighter's Ryu and Fire Emblem's Roy as DLC Fighters


As one of the most popular franchises currently at Nintendo's disposal, Super Smash Bros. has been doing very well for the company. Featuring an all-star cast of gaming characters is the main contributing factor to the appeal, and the Big N knows this. That's why it announced plans to flesh out the games' existing roster with additional downloadable fighters in the near future.

What's followed since that announcement has been problematic to say the least, as two combatants have since been leaked prior to their official reveal. As many fans are sure to be aware by now, Street Fighter's Ryu and Fire Emblem's Roy will both be joining the cast of the latest Super Smash Bros. games, and Nintendo has finally shown off the combatants in their reveal trailers.

In anticipation of veteran fighter Lucas' release, Ninty has confirmed that fans can expect a handful of additional surprises alongside the combatant's arrival. One of the biggest surprises is the fact that all three of these fighters are available today, although there will be a charge for each one – as one would expect there to be for "paid" DLC.

Accompanying the veteran Smashers and the newcomer Ryu is the previously announced MiiVerse stage, which is available for free, a new Street Fighter stage called Suzaku Castle which is available alongside the new fighter from the same game, and the Dream Land stage from the first ever Nintendo 64 entry. All of these are now available and they're modestly price to boot. The Street Fighter stage, for example, will run gamers an extra dollar alongside Ryu, while Dream Land will cost $1.99 USD on one version (or $2.99 across both) – although the Suzaku Castle is a mandatory expense alongside the iconic fighter.


Not satisfied with that content dump, Nintendo also announced that there will be an ample number of brand new Mii costumes available for the Mii Fighter characters. These costumes add the likenesses of characters from several third-party gaming franchises, ranging from Tekken's Heihachi and Virtua Fighter's Akira to the previously announced Splatoon costumes and Mega Man X's Zero. These new outfits will run players $0.75 USD a pop, with the option to purchase them cross-platform for $1.15 USD each.

All in all, fans are sure to be happy with this content, but it's still far from over. As many are aware, Nintendo is currently hosting the Smash Fighter Ballot, which allows players to vote on the new character they want to be added to the fray. We have a few of fighters in mind, but the masses are sure to have their collective voices heard sooner rather than later.

What do you think of Ryu and Roy's addition to the game? Are you excited to suit up as these characters? Get at us in the comments.

Fans can add Lucas, Roy, and Ryu to Super Smash Bros. starting right now.

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