Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch Teased Again by Reggie Fils-Aime

Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Switch tease

Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch was teased by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime in an interview today. In a surprise Facebook Live interview with Katie Linendoll, the Nintendo executive declined to make a concrete announcement about the much requested Switch version of the game, but highly suggested that it could happen.

Films-Aime told the host that Nintendo's philosophy from a game development standpoint is that the company wants to bring "at least [one release] of our classic franchises" to "every platform" in its wheelhouse. "There's going to be one great Super Mario experience, one great Zelda," said Fils-Aime, adding that Nintendo Switch players should anticipate a Super Smash Bros. on the console "at some point in future." In fact, the executive even said "we'll see" regarding Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch, pointing out that it's a "key franchise" for the company.

The Nintendo executive added that although there's "nothing to announce today" and he wasn't planning to announce the date for Super Smash Bros. on Switch during the interview, the company knows that "fans love these games, this content and so, you know, stay tuned."  It should also be noted that this is the second time that Fils-Aime has teased a Switch release for the game, as he hinted at Smash Bros. on the console just a few months ago.

Surprise! Reggie live with Katie Linendoll - watch now!

Posted by Nintendo on Thursday, March 9, 2017

While it's disappointing that Fils-Aime didn't outright say that a Super Smash Bros. game is in the works for the console, by choosing to play it coy instead, making a Switch version would make perfect sense for Nintendo. As the Nintendo executive also pointed out during the interview, "Smash is obviously one of our best selling franchises," and no doubt, a Switch version of Smash Bros. would sell like hot cakes on a cold, winter day. Nintendo Switch sales are expected to hit five million this year alone, but surely Smash on the console would get many more millions of units flying off of store shelves.

There's also the fact that Nintendo is clearly interested in pursuing the eSports industry in a big way with its new console. The Nintendo Switch announcement trailer showed the console being used to play professional Splatoon on a huge stage with thousands of fans in the audience.

The company's wacky Switch fighting game, ARMS, was also put forward to feature on the line-up of annual fighting game event, EVO 2017, which is also set to a feature a previous Smash release. Smash Bros. on Switch would be a massive part of this eSports strategy and so not developing a game in the series for the console would be a real missed opportunity.

It's unclear when exactly Nintendo will confirm Super Smash Bros. for Switch, but eager fans who have had their fingers crossed since before the console was even released will hope that it will do so sooner rather than later.

Source: Facebook Live

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