CPSIA Listing Hinting at New Super Smash Bros. Character?

super smash bros amiibo new character

A total of four new listings were posted by the CPSIA on March 6, and they pertain to brand new amiibo under the Super Smash Bros. line. What's so interesting about this revelation is that Cloud, Bayonetta, and Corrin were the only remaining Super Smash Bros. fighters awaiting their amiibo debut, which seems to indicate that a brand new combatant could be on their way to the beloved fighting series. Sadly, the listing itself doesn't appear to indicate what the mysterious fourth figure will be.

Despite lacking any sort of Smash-related insignia on the listing, the "AA" attached to this particular line is known to be associated with the IP. With that said, it's possible that another version of an existing character will make the jump into the world of amiibo, with alternate fighters like Captain Olimar's Alph skin being a strong candidate or even something akin to the Famicon ROB amiibo. So it's important that fans keep that in mind before getting too excited about the prospect of a new challenger.

Super Smash Bros Cloud Bayonetta Ryu Amiibo

What's odd about the arrival of this posting is that the known trio of Smash Bros. amiibo (the aforementioned Cloud, Bayonetta, and Corrin) were first announced over a year ago, but have still not been released – despite the fact that the final downloadable characters arrived for the game back in February 2016. As a result of this, it looks as if Nintendo has been holding them back intentionally, which some have speculated could mean that a port of the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

This is simply speculation, but that would explain the delay. It also falls in line with Nintendo's mentality towards porting titles such as Mario Kart 8 to its newest console. Then again, maybe Nintendo is simply releasing something as simple as a Smash Ball amiibo for the fighting game. There really is no way to tell at this point, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating and drawing up lists of fighters they'd like to see in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch.

Whatever the amiibo ends up being, it's unlikely that Nintendo plans on keeping it a secret much longer.

Source: CPSIA (via Reddit & GoNintendo)

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