Comic-Con 2015: Mewtwo Amiibo Makes Debut on Showfloor

By | 1 year ago 

At this point, amiibo have established themselves as a collectible phenomenon that many gamers are hoping to get in on. One aspect that makes collecting these figures so appealing is how rare certain types of figurines are, driving fans to pay exorbitant fees in an attempt to get their hands on the various characters featured in Nintendo’s ever-growing catalogue of toys-to-life figurines.

While many are trying to get their hands on restocks of hard-to-find amiibo like Marth from the Fire Emblem series, the house of Mario is already preparing its next wave of toys. As the largest series featured yet, it’s not surprising to hear that additional amiibo will be arriving for Super Smash Bros. and DLC characters will only increases the size of the line.

The first downloadable fighter’s amiibo has now been shown off and it’s none other than the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. After failing to make an appearance at E3 2015, Nintendo finally showcased its Mewtwo amiibo at Comic-Con 2015. Much to the delight of diehard Smash and Pokemon fans alike, the Pocket Monster has retained much of the awesome look that it brought with it into the latest iteration of the beloved fight title.

The images of the Mewtwo amiibo were first spotted by NintendoInquirer, as taken by Twitter user Alan Lopez. The individual managed to snap some pictures of the forthcoming collectible while walking around the San Diego show floor. Featured alongside the figure is the previously announced 8-bit Mario amiibo that is set to arrive alongside Super Mario Maker later this year, and it looks equally as impressive as the newly unveiled Pokemon, Mewtwo.

Suffice to say, collectors still have a way to go, as Nintendo has already confirmed that it will be releasing amiibo for every downloadable fighter that joins the Super Smash Bros. roster in the coming months. That includes the newly added Roy and even Street Fighter‘s Ryu – although it’ll be interesting to see how the latter character’s figurine interacts with new software down the line.

There’s no official word yet regarding whether or not Mewtwo will be a retailer-exclusive, much like fellow Pokemon Jigglypuff (Target/Walmart) and Greninja (Toys ‘R Us) were, but only time will tell. In the meantime, stay tuned to Game Rant for more news coming from the floor of Comic-Con 2015 – as well as future news on any and all Nintendo amiibo.

What do you think the Mewtwo amiibo? Which character are you hoping to see next? Get at us in the comments.

Source: Alan Lopez- Twitter (via NintendoInquirer)