‘Super Smash Bros.’ Meets ‘Mortal Kombat X’ in Hilariously Brutal Video

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It’s been a solid year for fighting game fans thus far to say the least. Aside from plans to release additional content for the ever-popular Super Smash Bros. games on Wii U and 3DS, the arrival of Mortal Kombat X has been whetting the appetite of those looking for something a little more violent.

While both are undisputedly fighting titles, there’s a noticeable contrast between these two games. This is likely the reason that one fan has made a comical (albeit gruesome) video showcasing what it would be like if the two titles were to crossover with one another.

Featuring previously unfathomable events like Ganondorf shattering Mario’s skull and Captain Falcon breaking Robin’s back, there’s little doubt that quality editing went into making the moves appear as legitimate as possible. Syncing each smash attack with a corresponding X-Ray move from Mortal Kombat X would have been quite the challenge, but it’s evident that the YouTuber known as Sterling was up to the task.

While the video certainly hits its intended mark, there’s still plenty of content arriving for both games in the coming months. New fighters are constantly being added to both games, with Super Smash Bros. set to receive a number of unannounced characters via the ongoing Smash Ballot – an online poll that allows users to vote for fighters they most want to see added to the portable and home console versions of the game. Even then, Earthbound‘s Lucas is set to return to the fray at some point this month as well.

Super Smash Bros Mortal Kombat Crossover

Meanwhile, Tanya has already made her killer debut in Mortal Kombat X for Kombat Pack owners, with a solo release set for June 9. She joins the likes of horror movie icon Jason Vorhees, after he made his playable debut in the series last month. After that there are still two more fighters scheduled to arrive as well in the form of the brown ninja Tremor and the galaxy’s ultimate hunter, Predator.

With fandom for both game’s currently thriving, Sterling (the video’s creator) has already promised viewers that work will soon get underway on a followup video featuring even more inexplicably violent moves from Nintendo characters. Given the depth of the moves featured in Mortal Kombat X and Super Smash Bros., it’ll be interesting to see what the content creator will whip up next.

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Source: Sterling – YouTube