Team Meat Wants Meat Boy Added To 'Super Smash Bros'

Smash Bros Meat Boy Mega Man

Last week, Nintendo turned heads when it announced through their Direct presentation that fans could go to a site and vote for characters they'd like to see added to the Super Smash Bros roster through DLC. Not only does this allow fans to request characters that originally missed the roster cut, like Takamaru or the Ice Climbers, but it also allows for some more interesting non-Nintendo characters to be represented as well.

While the company also made sure to let fans know that it wouldn't be able to accommodate all requests, it hasn't stopped people from speculating and hoping for their favorite characters to be added. One such interesting character request came from Team Meat, developers of the hit title Super Meat Boy.

Through a post on Twitter, the official Team Meat Twitter account posted a mock up shot of Meat Boy fighting Mega Man in the most recent Super Smash Bros title. The post also encouraged fans to get out and vote for the little cube of meat to be added as future DLC.

With Nintendo promising that the most popular fan selections would be added to the game as DLC, social media appears to be the best way to have characters gain traction. Team Meat's Twitter post alone has generated a huge amount of comments and shares through people retweeting or favoring the post.


With the ability to write in characters fans would like to see in a Smash Bros title, social media has been abuzz with people's thoughts and opinions on who should be added to the roster. Just recently, Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed to fans that he'd be more than ok with having Banjo added to the roster making for a very interesting temporary character reunion with Nintendo. Sites like Twitter have also allowed other companies to push their characters into the spotlight, such as Drink Box Studios after a fan made a mock up of their Guacamelee character, Juan.

With Mew-Two and Lucas coming very soon as DLC for the game, this voting site is another great way for Nintendo to gain back some of the attention and continue to build hype for Super Smash Bros, which released in the fall of last year. There's no doubt that this franchise is hugely important to Nintendo so being able to keep gamers engaged and talking about the title is a big win for the company.

What characters would you like to see added to the Super Smash Bros roster in future DLC? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: IGN

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