Super Smash Bros. Set to Receive Super Mario Maker Stage

Super Smash Bros Mario Maker Stage

As two of the biggest games that Nintendo launched last year, Super Smash Bros. on both the 3DS and Wii U pleased fans with its expansive roster and genuinely enjoyable couch-centric beat 'em up sessions. As it turned out, however, gamers were far from done seeing the game grow, as four additional fighters and stages have arrived in the time between this writing and launch. Even then, more content is still being prepped for the fight title.

While gamers are eager to see which fan-voted characters will be joining the roster, Nintendo has decided to confirm a brand new stage that will be joining the current lineup featured in the latest Super Smash Bros. games. Much to the surprise of many, the next will be based on none other than the recently released Super Mario Maker.

This out of the blue announcement popped up on the Big N's YouTube channel, where the company showcased the stage in all of its randomly generated glory. Sticking true to the nature of the game it's based off of, the stage will build itself up and the on-screen hand from Mario Maker will even appear whenever the environment has been damaged by Smashers.


Better yet, the stage itself is randomized. This means that any layout can pop up while combatants are duking it out, and it looks to add a lot of replayability to the level as a result. It will maintain its ever-shuffling layout regardless of what platform players pickup the content for, so portable aficionados are able to enjoy the level in all of its glory as well.

Given the fact that each play session features a sporadically generated landscape, the stage itself costs a little bit more than others released thus far. For those that want it solely on Wii U or 3DS, it'll be made available for $2.49 USD. Anyone interested in having it across both versions, however, can save by investing in both for a bundled price of $3.49 USD. Best of all, gamers won't be waiting too long, as the stage is set to arrive on September 30, 2015.

Amidst rumors of the indie darling Shovel Knight joining the roster as a playable character, there's no denying that longtime followers of the series have been anxious to see more content released. This Super Mario Maker stage is an interesting development though, especially considering that a recent game like Splatoon missed out on inclusion – outside of a downloadable trophy. Perhaps it could even be a sign that more content will continue to roll out to tie in with future major releases from Nintendo, although that's likely just wishful thinking at this point in time.

What do you think of the new Super Mario Maker stage? What content are you hoping to see added next? Get at us in the comments.

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