A jazz drummer plays along to the on-screen action of two professional Super Smash Bros. Melee players, and the end result is something that should not be missed.

There’s no denying the skill that’s required in order to be a professional gamer. Timing button presses, executing chains, and falling into an unpredictable rhythm of combos are trademark qualities of the competitive gaming scene, and the entire process is truly as artful and skill-based as it sounds. One of the best examples of this comes from Super Smash Bros., a fighting game franchise that has provided the masses with countless hours of multiplayer mayhem. As it turns out, one fan has decided to take the art of the series’ on-screen combat and apply it to the malleable beat of jazz drumming.

The gamer in question, Caleb Goss, has released a video of himself playing drums to the ensuing action of a competitive match in Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Nintendo GameCube. The two players featured within the video are none other than the professionals Armada and Leffen, both of which are some of the best users on the scene. Although the video shows Armada’s Peach cleaning the floor with Leffen’s Fox, there’s no denying the skill that each of these players has.

Those hoping to see the jazzy rendition of Smash can check out the video for themselves below.

The jazz beats mesh together quite nicely with the action present, and it’s sure to make gamers wish that they could enable such a funky mode in the real game. Of course, the series has also evolved significantly since Melee made its debut back in 2001, with the latest games on Wii U and 3DS featuring the biggest roster that the franchise has ever seen. Admittedly, the addition of beloved characters such as Final Fantasy 7‘s Cloud Strife and Street Fighter‘s Ryu post-launch made for a real treat amongst fans, and there’s a strong possibility that more surprises still lay in store for followers of the series.

While DLC has since stopped being produced for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U/3DS, there are currently rumors circulating that a port of that game is in the works for Nintendo’s new console. This platform, codenamed NX, could potentially see a slew of content released in the longterm, which would mean that fans could be looking forward to new fighters dropping throughout 2017 – provided these reports are legitimate, of course.

While it’s fun to speculate on that matter, it’s equally as nice to kick back and listen to the awesome beats of a jazz drummer. Well done, Caleb.

Source: Caleb Goss