‘Skyward Sword’s’ Gust Bellows Coming To ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Among Other ‘Zelda’ Items

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Despite seeing a noticeable decrease in split-screen and same-couch multiplayer games on most new consoles, Nintendo has led the vanguard of social gaming in its truest form. Poised to take the crown and rule the party circuit, exposing rivalries among friends is the next iterations in the unstoppable Super Smash Bros. series. As if to add further fuel to the competitive fire, the series’ upcoming title will be getting a host of new items from The Legend of Zelda series.

Compared to other series represented within the Super Smash Bros. games, The Legend of Zelda has seen a surprisingly low number of its unique items implemented. For a franchise known for its creative tools and weapons that boast numerous utilities, they seem like perfect additions to the fast and frenetic Smash Bros. action. Following the announcement that series regular Zelda would be returning, it was only a matter of time before a new item entered the fray.

According to a recent post on Miiverse from Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai, this trend will soon be changing as the newest addition to the game is the memorable Gust Bellows from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. As in Link’s last adventure, the Bellows will be used to blow opponents away with a vicious gust of wind. Drop the item though and the match is sure to get a whole lot more chaotic as gusts of wind will begin to run rampant across the battlefield, affecting all of the players.

In addition to this, Sakurai states that the Gust Bellows is not the last new item that players will be seeing in the new Super Smash Bros., as “more than a few will be from The Legend of Zelda series.” This is great news for gamers who have been holding out hope for the likes of the Fierce Deity’s Mask, Megaton Hammer or Iron Boots. There are decades worth of titles to choose items/weapons from.

Super Smash Bros Link Toon Link

The most exciting implication of this news though, is that gamers will see more items appearing in the game that serve multiple utilities. Not only does this add a new level of complexity to some initially one-dimensional items, but it also allows for an added unpredictable variable, as is the case with the Gust Bellows. While the strict competitive scene will undoubtedly cry foul in a way similar to the removal of edge-hogging, for the more casual party scene, this could add to the insanity and unbridled fun that great same-couch multiplayer games need.

With E3 coming up quickly, there’s little doubt that more detailed release information for the new Super Smash Bros. is also quickly approaching. While Solid Snake’s inclusion is still up in the air, the introduction of Little Mac and rumors of Paluntena joining the fray should be more than enough to generate some excitement in the meantime. Come June though, be prepared for some significant news regarding the Wii U’s highly-anticipated brawler.

What item from The Legend of Zelda series would you most like to see make an appearance in the new Super Smash Bros.? Who do you think will be the next new challenger to be announced?


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