More ‘Super Smash Bros’ DLC Characters Teased In Sakurai Interview

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Some Nintendo fans may find themselves second-guessing what Nintendo says in official statements these days. Considering that Nintendo has reversed their stance on prior official statements like having no intention to sell Nintendo mobile games, never reproducing sold out Amiibo, and not releasing any Super Smash Bros. DLC characters beyond Mewtwo, fans have every reason to wait for Nintendo to go back on what they’ve said.

It turns out that Nintendo changing its mind all the time might be for all the right reasons, though. A recent interview with Masahiro Sakurai, creator of the Super Smash Bros. series, shows that the series’ developers are making decisions based on what the fans want.

In the interview, translated from the original Japanese by Source Gaming, Sakurai discusses his personal feelings about DLC and what it means for the Super Smash Bros. series. Fans who are sick of being nickle and dimed for DLC that could have been included in the core game can take comfort in knowing Sakurai feels the same way.

These days, the “DLC scam” has become quite the epidemic, charging customers extra money to complete what was essentially an unfinished product. I completely understand how aggravated players must feel. After all, a game should be 100% done at the time of release, and I would be livid if it were split up and sold in pieces.

He goes on to add that game developers release these incomplete products and supplement them with DLC purely to make more money, which is a sentiment shared by many gamers. Super Smash Bros.’ DLC, on the other hand, was developed following the completion of the finished game. Considering the development team had determined Smash Bros.’ roster years ago, it’s clear that this DLC was developed because of demand.

Furthermore, Sakurai notes that it’s the demand of eager fans that’s spurred on the team to bring Lucas from the Mother series back to Smash Bros. This is also the reasoning behind asking gamers directly what characters they want added to Smash Bros. via the Super Smash Bros. DLC ballot. In addition to new characters, Sakurai also hints that the team will be working on updates, online features, and new game modes, so it seems there’s far more than playable characters to look forward to.

Super Smash Bros Fighter Ballot

Gamers have often felt used by game developers and publishers in order to push the DLC that’s sold separately from the core game. Admittedly, some downloadable content is developed after the game is completed and genuinely provides additional replay value. However, others infuriate the gaming community, like Capcom making gamers pay to unlock Street Fighter characters that were already completed and included in the base game’s files.

Sakurai genuinely seems to be interested in giving gamers what they want, and it’s easy to believe him. Super Smash Bros. is a fantastic game that delivered a massive character roster and a thoroughly fulfilling Smash experience without a single piece of DLC. While we can’t be sure if Nintendo has the same reasons for rethinking some of its plans, its willingness to adapt to players’ demands is admirable.

Super Smash Bros. is currently available on the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

Source: Smash Gaming