Update: Super Smash Bros. Deluxe wasn’t announced during the Nintendo conference this year, but we’re still confident that the game could be coming in the near future.

It’s only hours before Nintendo’s press conference airs at E3 2017, and rumors are amassing for what games that the developer has in store for us this year. Now that the Nintendo Switch is finally out, chances are we’ll see a lot of new titles being revealed for the console/handheld hybrid – with the very real possibility of Super Smash Bros. Deluxe being one of them.

While we can’t be certain that the Big N has chosen to port the latest Super Smash Bros. game to their latest hardware, a Deluxe edition of the title has been rumored on a regular basis since before the Switch was even announced. With that being the case, we’ve put together a list of features we’d like to see come to Super Smash Bros. if the game ever does get an updated version.

super smash bros tournament newcomer beats legend

New Challengers:

Starting with the most obvious of requests, Super Smash Bros. Deluxe would have to feature new fighters if the intention was the make it the go-to version of the title. With an incredibly active competitive scene currently making up a large portion of the game’s fan-base, a few additions to the Smash roster would be the biggest head-turner that Nintendo could offer.

As for who would be most likely to come, Nintendo’s recent announcements leave a few possible candidates in our minds. Firstly, the upcoming release of Splatoon 2 means that the developer has the opportunity to offer up its lovable Inklings as playable fighters. Due to the customization present in the game, it should be no trouble to design the alternate skins for the characters, and they could fight solo or together like the Ice-Climbers.

super smash bros nintendo switch inkling

Second up is Spring Man and/or Ribbon Girl, the first two fighters revealed for Nintendo’s new IP: Arms. Not only is the soon-to-release title in need of further advertisement, it’s also an impressive fully-functional fighting game in its own right, allowing for an easier adaptation into the Smash Bros. format. The characters already have their own moveset and their art style looks similar to that of the rest of the cast.

It’s also worth noting that the Arms fan-base is likely to overlap with that of the latest Smash Bros. as the two games both feature non-traditional fighting game mechanics, which could show lead to a warm reception for the new challengers.

super smash bros nintendo switch spring man ribbon girl

Our final prediction is one that we never thought we’d have to make when it came to predicting a new Smash Bros. fighter. After yesterday’s reveal of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, it’s hard to rule out the Rabbids as a legitimate contender. It’s not the representation we’d hoped to get from Ubisoft, but now that the company has shown itself to have strong ties with Nintendo, the wacky party game enthusiasts could well be present in a Smash Deluxe title.

As one positive, the alternate costumes for the Rabbids would certainly be easy to design, given that thei upcoming title has them playing dress-up with the Mario cast. Nintendo could also allow the fighters to parody other members of the Smash cast to make up the remaining slots, and we’d certainly be interested in seeing a Bayonetta costume.


What’s more, each of the new fighters could bring with them a stage from their respective titles, giving playes all-new battlegrounds to duke it out on. Arenas such as Blackbelly Skatepark, Spring Stadium, and the Rabbid Prison from the first Rayman Raving Rabbids game could all be solid additions to the already generous selection of stages.

Subspace Emissary 2

It’s a huge ask, we know, but the premise of a sequel or whole new adventure in the style of Super Smash Bros. Brawl‘s story mode is something that players have been wanting since the launch of Smash 4. With fun and visually-impressive cutscenes featuring the title’s diverse cast, a host of giant boss fights, and the ability to play alongside a friend, the Subspace Emissary was one of the best additions to Brawl.


Adding a strong story could sell Super Smash Deluxe by itself, though admittedly it’d take a lot of effort on Nintendo’s part. That said, we’re just excited about the premise of a story mode where Cloud and Pac-Man can finally team up.

Bringing other game modes from the older versions of the title into Smash Deluxe would also be very much appreciated. An updated version of Smash Run, or a ‘Break the Targets’ mode would go a long way towards making the new game feel like more than just the same experience again. Coincidentally, the most recent leak shows just that, as well as the return of 3DS exclusive stages.

A Strong Online Experience

Something that annoyed a lot of players about the last Super Smash Bros. was the relatively weak online modes. The For Glory feature is a nice touch, allowing fans of the competitive scene to go head-to-head on flat stages with items turned off, but the overall quality of the online play was pretty poor. Matches were often far too laggy and disconnecting occurred on a semi-regular basis.

With Nintendo’s new paid online system, maybe the developer can invest in stronger, more stable servers for Smash to make use of. Nintendo of America COO Reggie Fils-Aime has already dropped hints about an improved online experience for Smash Bros. but the developer has a long way to go from where we’re at with the current version in order to make non-local play a decent option.

Super Smash Bros NX Rumor

Cross-play is also something that will be necessary if the company wants to avoid dividing the Smash community. If a Smash Deluxe does release, it’ll be the third iteration of the title present in the current generation which means that the Switch version has to somehow connect with both the 3DS and Wii U (at least separately) in order to achieve this.

While a Super Smash Bros. Deluxe port has yet to be announced, and there’s no guarentee that the game will ever be gracing our screens, we believe it’d certainly be a good move on Nintendo’s part. Bringing over updated versions of Wii U games seems to be working for the company so far, and there are very few titles that can offer the same kind of following as Smash Bros.

What else would you like to see in a potential Super Smash Deluxe?