Every time Nintendo is on the verge of pulling the proverbial curtain off of a new console there is obviously some excitement amongst gamers, but one thing that many long-time fans of Nintendo already realize is that where there’s a new console – there’s a new Super Smash Bros.

Yes, Smash is infamous for appearing once every console generation, so it’s very easy to assume that Nintendo is already prepping a new game for their new hardware. Unsurprisingly, a recent rumor states that Nintendo is planning on revealing Super Smash Bros. 4 for the Wii 2 during their big press conference in just under a week’s time.

The series is immensly popular all across the world, and we here at Game Rant love it to death. However, just like every video game, there are certain things that we wish we could change – and see added to the next installment. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty to see what everyone in the Smash community would love to see added to Super Smash Bros. 4 when it’s finally released on Nintendo‘s soon-to-be-announced system.

What could Nintendo possibly do to their fan-favourite franchise to make it even better? Read on to find out our suggestions.

1080p Graphics

We liked the graphics in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but when all was said and done the game was still only running on the lacklustre capabilities of the Wii. Fortunately, Nintendo’s new console is said to be even stronger than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which means that the next Smash Bros. will logically see a graphical update as well. I couldn’t imagine something more jaw droppingly beautiful than the chaos of Smash Bros. captured in glorious 1080p HD, and that seems like it’s almost a guaranteed option when the game finally comes to Project Cafe.

Enhanced Online Play

Another benefit of having Super Smash Bros. 4 release on a next generation console is the promise of some solid online capabilities. Brawl did a great job of providing an online option on the Wii, but it’s still not even comparable to any game on the Xbox 360 or PS3. We expect a lot more from Nintendo’s Project Cafe though, and the next game should deliver at least the bare necessities of any decent online game. One huge feature that needs to appear is the ability to talk to other people you’re playing. Maybe even Project Cafe’s rumored camera-embedded controller would be a great way to communicate with other gamers.

Super Smash Bros 4 characters

More Characters

The roster is one of the most debated elements of Super Smash Bros., and it will surely be a topic of discussion for the next installment. A new Smash Bros. obviously means that there will be new additions to the roster, and maybe even some cuts, but you can expect the overall roster size to jump from the 35 characters that appeared in Brawl to an even higher total. It would be great to see all of the fighters return for the fourth installment (including the characters who were cut in the transition to Brawl), but this likely won’t be the case.

The more the merrier I was always told, but of course there has to be a limit to the roster and capping it between 40-45 combatants sounds just about right to us. There are some fans who would love to see the roster grow to over 50 fighters, but this is just unrealistic. Besides, there has to be some characters left to appear in future installments down the road. As long as the developers follow our list of the top characters that should be in Smash Bros. then we’ll be more than happy.

3rd Party Characters

The addition of 3rd party characters was the reason that gamers were finally able to settle the school yard dispute of Mario vs. Sonic, and you can be sure that more of these characters will make an appearance in the near future. One thing that was a little annoying though, was that the third party characters in the roster only filled up two spaces. I was even more surprised when Smash had Sonic, but didn’t include a character like Knuckles when he would have fit the game perfectly.

There are quite a few companies that share a good relationship with Nintendo and I’m sure would love to have their characters featured in the next Smash Bros.. Mega Man and Geno seem like two of the most requested characters from Capcom and Square Enix, so maybe they’ll finally appear in the next game. Whatever the Big N has planned for SSB, you can be sure that there will be more characters from other companies included. Who will make the cut is anyone’s guess, but at the very least expect Sonic and Snake to return.

No Clones

It’s true, everyone wants a big roster, but clones are the side effect of shoving too many characters into one game. Characters like Ganondorf are screwed out of having an original set of moves, and that’s why clones need to be removed once and for all. We know that certain characters are going to have a similar arsenal of attacks, and we expect characters like Fox and Falco to fight similarly, but at the very least tweak them so they have some original moves. Luigi is a great example of a clone turned awesome, and while him and Mario have similar fighting styles – they have some different moves which make them each handle quite differently from one another.

We were promised that clones in the game would be addressed in the previous title, but that didn’t happen. Hopefully Nintendo gives themselves enough lead time to give each character their own list of attacks. In all honesty, we just want Ganondorf to whip out his sword and impale Zelda, and is that really too much to ask?

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