During E3 2011, Nintendo took to the stage and announced that, not one, but two new Super Smash Bros. games were coming to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. During this year’s E3, both games were nowhere to be found. The wait for news on either version of the new Super Smash will be a long one, but every interview with Project Sora‘s Masahiro Sakurai seems to harbour minor details on the anticipated pair of brawlers.

The latest news to emerge from an interview with Sakurai has revealed his intentions to bring back even more retro Nintendo icons in the next Smash.

During an interview with Cubed3, the creator of Smash Bros. was asked whether or not he planned on resurrecting any other seemingly forgotten franchises after wrapping up his work on Kid Icarus: Uprising. Franchises such as Ice Climber, Star Tropics and even Mole Mania were brought up during the question, but Sakurai (likely knowing he wouldn’t be working on any of those games) suggested that he’s planning on re-introducing older characters to modern day gamers through the next set of Super Smash Bros. titles.

“I am planning on doing my best to bring old characters back in Smash Bros. From that perspective, I am probably in the most fortunate position in the world.”

Looking to Nintendo’s past, there’s almost an infinite number of classic roster additions to choose from. Balloon Fighter made our list of the top 10 Nintendo-owned newcomers we want in the next Smash Bros., and based on Sakurai’s latest comments it’s a very real possibility that he’ll finally be getting a playable spot within either version of the game.

Plenty of characters from “retired” Nintendo franchises have established new-found fandom through their appearances in the crossover-focused fighting game series. It’s nice to know that some people within the Big N are keen on keeping consumers and fans in touch with their illustrious history and back catalogue. Who knows, maybe the next Smash Bros. can breathe new life into another old-school series — a la Kid Icarus.

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Source: Cubed3