Rumor Patrol: 'Super Smash Bros. 4' Roster, Nintendo's E3 Surprises

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The biggest spectacle in gaming, E3, is almost upon us, and it is in the weeks leading up to the event that rumors usually begin popping up regarding the intentions of first and third-party developers. This year's big event will prove to be a crucial one for Nintendo, a company that has had some profound struggles with its Wii U console, so it's no surprise that some alleged insider information about the platform's presence at E3 has surfaced.

According to NeoGAF user "bh7812", he got a glimpse of what's to come in Nintendo's upcoming Nintendo Direct — a presentation that the Big N will be holding this year instead of a formal press conference. Apparently fans can expect a rather immense showing from the company, with everything to the previously confirmed 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. 4 to details on Retro Studios' top secret project. Keep in mind that none of this is confirmed, however, so take the following information with a giant grain of salt.

Super Smash Bros Wii U Screenshots

Super Smash Bros. 4

Reconfirming that the fourth Super Smash Bros. title will play a big role at next month's event, the GAF user revealed some alleged details about the game's reveal trailer. During the trailer a handful of characters will be confirmed — presumably some returning veterans and newcomers — but one particular portion of the trailer may be the highlight of the entire reveal for dedicated Smash fans.

One portion of the footage reportedly highlights the entire roster, albeit casted in silhouettes, and the number of combatants will be immense. Previously, Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai stated that the roster would focus more on quality over quantity, but apparently the developer wanted to do right by the fans and fill the roster to bursting; something that should have many gamers themselves bursting with anticipation over the rumor.

After the trailer, more details will gradually be released leading up to the game's release in what sounds like a similar style to what Super Smash Bros. Brawl did with its Dojo. Super Smash Bros. 4 is aiming for a Thanksgiving 2014 release on both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, but it could be pushed back closer to the Holidays if need be. Both versions will allegedly be shipping on the same day, but the 3DS version is further along in development than its Wii U counterpart.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U Screenshots

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Easily one of the most anticipated games coming to the Wii U, The Legend of Zelda should provide fans with the blockbuster experience they've been longing for. According to the latest batch of rumours, and in accordance with what Nintendo has said in the past, gamers will be waiting quite a bit longer for this presumably must-have exclusive. Apparently the earliest fans can expect to see the game hit store shelves will be between the mid to late 2015, which puts the game pretty far off.

Those tuning into the Nintendo's big E3 Direct broadcast should only expect to see concept art and receive a handful of details, as the game is still young in its development cycle. The new Zelda title will be based off of the HD tech demo that surface at E3 two years ago, and as a result should be graphically comparable. The story is also said to be the "longest and grandest in the series," although gamers won't know any concrete details on the game's contents for a long time.

Super Mario Retroverse U Screenshots

Super Mario Retroverse U

The new 3D Mario game that's currently in development for Wii U will be "enormously large" in both scope and size, and will apparently focus on a lot of the series' illustrious past. Said to currently be labelled Super Mario Retroverse U, the game will focus on entirely new ideas while still bringing back a few mechanics and enemies that fans have been asking for for a long time. The return of Super Mario Bros. 2 baddie Wart was even hinted at.

The title will also make very clever use of the Wii U GamePad without making players feel like they're being forced by the developers to do so. Users can also stick with standard control options if they feel so inclined. The NeoGAF user also reconfirms that Super Mario Retroverse U will be launching this October.

Mario Kart Wii U Screenshots

Mario Kart U

Mario Kart will be a major part of Nintendo's E3 presence, that much is already confirmed by the Big N, so these statements made by the GAF user shouldn't be all that surprising. Apparently fans can expect more of the same for the Wii U installment in the Mario Kart franchise, as it is said to be "basically a souped up Mario Kart 7."

There will be exclusive Wii U features, MiiVerse and a revamped online system for example, but for the most part it's apparently a very similar experience to what was offered on the 3DS. A few new bells and whistles will be present in the final game, and hopefully a more expansive roster than what appeared in 7. Fans can expect gameplay footage and a new trailer shown during the Nintendo Direct.

Retro Studios StarTropics Wii U Screenshots

Retro Studios' StarTropics U

At long last, Retro Studios will finally be unveiling its long awaited title, and allegedly it's not at all what fans were expecting. The game is said to be a follow up to one of the biggest cult classic Nintendo titles of all time — StarTropics. A sequel to the acclaimed NES game, StarTropics U is said to have a new trailer that'll debut during the Nintendo Direct.

This one's validity can certainly be called into question, especially considering there are some more powerful franchises that the Wii U could enlist to help move systems, so it's unlikely Nintendo would green light such a risky project. That said, stranger things have happened.

Wii U Price Drop

 Wii U Price Cut & Additional Games

Given the Wii U's recent struggles, it should come as no surprise to hear word that Nintendo is contemplating dropping the console's price to stimulate sales — something it did with the 3DS shortly after its launch. If Ninty does pursue a price cut then all those who purchased the console in its first few months will be eligible for a new Ambassador Program, which will award them for their loyalty. Whether that means eShop funds or free games wasn't clarified, but there will be compensation for their brand loyalty.

Also present will be new trailers for Yarn Yoshi and X, both of which were highlighted in a previous Nintendo Direct. These titles will be releasing in 2014, according to "bh7812," but the previously announced SMT x Fire Emblem is still very early in its development cycle and won't be highlighted. There's also one more big announcement that the rumor monger didn't elaborate on that may or may not be revealed in the presentation, but he did state that it "makes sense."

That's it for all the rumors from this source. The legitimacy of information from NeoGAF has proven incredibly fruitful in the past, especially given the forum's policy of banning users who post fake information, but there's no telling whether this information is entirely accurate. As NeoGAF's "bh7812" stated several times, any of Nintendo's plans for E3 can change at the drop of a dime, but fans will have a chance to see just how spot-on his insider information is in just a few weeks.


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Source: NeoGAF (via Examiner)

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